DEFIMNET: Identity and Entitlement Management for Government and Military

By: Route1  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Identity Management, Military Defense

Route1’s DEFIMNET is an identity and entitlement management platform originally developed to support the requirements of the military defense users but able to operate within all levels of classified and unclassified networks. Together with other defense network systems, the DEFIMNET platform is sanctioned for use by military units to command and control confidentiality, integrity and availability. It is a new approach to providing universal identity and entitlement management in a simple, secure format, thereby combining ease of use with consistent information assurance across commands, services, agencies, platforms and systems.

The DEFIMNET platform is built on a foundation of information assurance through identity management and encryption, and combines with entitlement-based communications to enable access to resources, such as C4ISR systems, from anywhere and at any time. It also provides unification of security across a variety of defense platforms to enable or revoke access to information and intelligence data in the field.

The DEFIMNET platform provides access to resources like C4ISR systems from any location and at any time, and unifies security across a variety of defense platforms so it can be an essential element in information access and dissemination across all assets in the combat landscape, which is of enormous value in complex event processing.

How it works

Whether for defense or other high-security needs, Route1’s DEFIMNET platform facilitates organization-wide deployments of an identity and entitlement management security infrastructure that is dedicated to the organization. The DEFIMNET platform is implemented into the organization’s existing IT infrastructure. While developed from the MobiNET platform, it differs in that all authentications, access management, certificate distribution and connection facilitation takes place within the organization’s network.

Note: The above diagram depicts the MobiKEY Fusion device. The DEFIMNET platform supports both the MobiKEY Classic device and the MobiKEY Fusion device.

Platform Features

  • Enforces universal identity and entitlement management
  • Secures distribution of operational data and application content to wired and wireless devices
  • Enhances secure communication and collaboration
  • Assures and authorizes transactions
  • Provides an effective delivery mechanism for new services

Platform Benefits

  • Secures digital resources, interactions and protects identities
  • Ensures business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Enables secure teleworking
  • Information integrity based on strong cryptography, identity and entitlement management
  • Unification of security and information accessibility
  • Located within an organization’s infrastructure (DEFIMNET only)

Keywords: Entitlement Management, Identity Management, Military Defense, Security,

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