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By: Rosenblat Literary Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: Life Coaching


♣ Individual & Couple Counseling
♣ Public Speaking & Broadcast Gigs – TV & Radio
♣ Private Lectures & Workshops
♣ Media Tours & Spokesperson Representation
♣ Business Coaching – leadership, public speaking, building better relationships & motivating employees
♣ Mediation

Give me your dreams and I’ll help you turn them into reality!

Couple Counseling

One in two relationships break up. Those who stay together often complain that they’re not happy, or have given up on intimacy. Let’s find out what’s been blocking you, so we can take you to new heights, with more passion and connection than you ever imagined.

When can you use therapy?

♣ If you’ve stopped connecting
♣ IF unresolved issues are keeping you apart
♣ If betrayal has rocked your relationship
♣ If the excitement is gone
♣ If you have differing needs
♣ If either of you is struggling with depression, mental illness, past trauma, or addictions

Individual Therapy

If you’re struggling with issues that you can’t handle on your own, or if you need relational help and your partner won’t consider therapy, it’s still crucial to move forward with professional help.

Life Coaching

Studies show that if we haven’t been able to reach a goal on our own, despite trying for a year or longer, we’re not likely to reach it without outside help. Life coaching is the art and practice of taking someone from where they are to where they’d like to be, helping them reach greater competence and fulfillment.

Who can use life coaching?

♣ Those wishing to reach specific personal or professional goals
♣ Those looking for greater meaning and fulfillment in life
♣ Those wishing to break defeating behavior patterns and become unstuck
♣ Those looking for a major life change
♣ Those wishing to live a more purpose driven life
♣ Those ready to move from wanting something to actually having it
♣ Those wishing to start over, as in dating, new job, new business, new relationship

Keywords: Life Coaching

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