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By: Rni  09-12-2011



We have created a methodology utilizing learning theory, knowledge engineering, instructional design, and best practices for planning, analyzing, developing and deploying tactical and diagnostic training simulations.


For organizations looking to reduce risk and delivery time, Knowledge Fountain provides fully hosted 24/7 solutions.


We will develop your custom training simulation using the language(s) of your choice. Your learners can then select their preferred language at runtime.


We stand by our products 100%, 24/7. Our framework allows you to add and immediately deploy additional content and features, or changes to your existing model.

Value Assessment

Our team will help you measure the value that our e-learning simulations are having on your training initiatives, whether in a standalone context, or using a blended approach. We will implement an impact metrics program that is tailored to your enterprise.

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knowledgefountain software - products

Simulations also allow learners to roleplay, test hypothesis, and engage in decision-making while circumventing the inconveniences, risks, and prohibitive costs of undertaking the actual activities. They allow the learner to engage in the decision-making process in a contextual way, setting goals and tasks, formulating and executing plans, and exploring various situational possibilities.