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By: Rmi Cargo  09-12-2011


RMICargo.com offers a wide range of a range of services to our customers’ DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL shipping needs, especially to and from USA, CHINA, and VIETNAM.

Our Services Include:
AIR FREIGHT,  GROUND FREIGHT, OCEAN FREIGHT /  IMPORTS & EXPORTS / AIRLINE TICKETS Domestic & International. We also pickup and deliver all packages DOOR to DOOR.

Our Solution:
We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction. Our goal is to serve your business with the BEST Cost Savings for all of your shipping needs, from one package to freight containers.

Why are our shipping rates so competitive?

Due to our huge volume of shipments monthly, we have great margins on our shipping costs, hence we are able to pass down those cost savings to you and your business’ shipping needs.

We ship to and from: Asia, Europe and the North America, USA and Canada. We also specialize in shipping to & from China and Vietnam for businesses doing business overseas. We have great relations with customs in both China and Vietnam; hence your shipments are guaranteed to deliver with RMICargo.com