Commercial and Residential Fitness Equipment Repair

By: RM Fitness Repair Toronto  12-07-2010
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§  Our Four-Point Advantage System :  High Quality, Reliability, Affordability, Timeliness.
§  20- Years in the Fitness Equipment Repair Industry.
§  We will ensure that we book a service call within 24hrs, and be on location within 72hrs.  We are Reachable 7-days a Week and can provide Emergency Repairs.
§  RM Fitness Repair will provide Licensed Technicians, Original Manufacturer (OEM Parts).
§  Our Customer Service Guarantee and our Competitive Price Guarantee will ensure that you receive the Best Possible Customer Service and the Best Possible Price.
§  Our 1-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor will provide you with peace of mind all-year round.
§  We also offer our customers the possibility of selling or trading-in the fitness equipment that they do not want.
§  We also offer monthly promotions on our website so that our customers receive value all-year round.
§  Commercial customers can enjoy additional discounts on multi-unit repairs.
Residential Services
§  Service of Treadmills, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes and Home Gyms
§  Preventive Maintenance and Unit Tuning.
§  Regular Maintenance and Problem Diagnostic.
§  Installation, Set-up and Delivery.
§  OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts.
§  Fitness Unit and Fitness Accessories Order.
§  Manufacturer Certified Technicians.
§  Accessories and Parts Order.
§  New and Pre-owned Equipment
§  Treadmill and Equipment Repurchase or Trade-In.*
*(Top Prices Paid – Please Contact For Details)
Commercial Services
§  Commercial Monthly Equipment Service.
§  Commercial Fitness Unit Repair.
§  Warranty Sales.
§  Installation, Set-up and Delivery.
§  Wholesale Parts Order.

TEL: (416) 768-7233
FAX: (416) 234-1111
Our Customer Service Guarantee ensures that our customers receive the Best Parts (OEM), the Best Service (Certified Technicians), the Best Customer Service (Always Pleasant and Courteous), the Best-Post-Service (1-Year Guarantee on Parts and Labor), and the Best Prices (Competitive Price Guarantee).  Our Competitive Price Guarantee ensures that our customers receive the best prices for the value they receive.

Caring for the General Health and Fitness of our Customers
, RM Fitness Repair has Developed an Entire Web Portal on our Website Address where you can find the Latest Health and Fitness Posts by leading publishers as well as Interactive Links to the Best Gyms in Toronto. 
Visit Us at for more information.

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