Marble, Granite Restoration and Maintenance

By: Revival Stone Specialties  09-12-2011
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Although marble is dense stone, water and oil will penetrate marble given sufficient time.
Porosity is also affected by its finish. Highly polished marble is a little harder to penetrate
than marble with honed (matt) finish. Protecting both marble and grout is a very crucial step in preserving the life span.

To preserve its finish, breath ability and slip resistance, it is important that marble and grout

is sealed with a quality impregnator.

Benefits of Sealing:
- Prevents most liquids, dirt, and moisture from penetrating into the stone or grout
- Prevents the build up of soap scum, calcium, flaking and efflorescence on stone and grout
- Preserve finish, breath ability and slip resistance
- Much easier to clean and maintain


Polishing natural stone without the usage of coatings or wax is the method used to enhance and enrich the colors of stone. By polishing you can achieve a variety of finishes such high gloss finish, semi gloss, and light lustre.

Benefits of Polishing:
- Re-polishing natural stone can remove small scratching and minor etch marks.
- Restores the lustre and clarity of stone.
- Re-polishing can be achieved in three stages glass finish, semi gloss, and light lustre.
- Rejuvenate appearance and cleans grout lines.


Honing uses a non acidic compound that removes light scratching and water marks.

Honing will give out a flat/matt finish. With honing it is possible to achieve different levels

of matt / honed finish.

Benefits of Honing:
- Removes dirt build up, minor scratching and minor etching
- Achieve two types of finishes - very rough/ dull finish or matt with a little lustre
- Gives out balance of modern sleek look with a contemporary touch

Grout Renewal

There are three steps to rejuvenate your grout lines - cleaning, dying, or cutting and re-grouting.

Benefits of Grout Renewal:
- Dying grout can be restored without having to remove your old grout by applying long lasting coating while achieving perfect color. We are able to rejuvenate your old grout lines depending on the color you want. Color charts are available for you to choose
- Removal and installation of grout is recommended when grout lines are lifting to prevent further damage
- Deep cleaning your grout can remove dirt and oil can rejuvenate its appearance


Marble, concrete and all hard surfaces can become worn out, dull and neglected. Our

process for restoration involves a diamond process that cuts the surface of the stone to

remove scratches and stains. Restoration can require acid washing, cleaning, stripping,

polishing and honing. Our restoration processes are unique for every application.

Benefits of Restoration:
- Cost savings. Resurfacing floors, counter top, walls, and steps will cost a quarter of the replacement price.
- Restoration can rejuvenate the appearance of surfaces making it as good as new
- Every project is unique we will conduct a thorough assessment before recommending a solution. We will take you through the specific steps and processes so you can make an informed decision.


Shifting in the foundation can result in leaving long cracks and holes that eventually

fill in with dirt and grime. Countertops and steps have major traffic patterns resulting

in chips and holes causing safety hazards. Replacement is no longer necessary. Revival

Stone has come up with a cost efficient solution that incorporates an epoxy resin that

can be matched with the color of the stone.

Benefits of Patching:
- Cost savings. Replacement is no longer necessary
- Leaving the Epoxy higher than the surface we can grind it flush flat leaving a smooth durable finish
- Our trained technicians can match the color of any Stone leaving it desirable to any eye
- Eliminate safety hazards
- Easy to clean and maintain


Cleaning the surface of natural stone, ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, concrete and

flamed granite is necessary to maintain its appearance. Poor maintenance can result in

the surface becoming dirty and contaminated making it extremely difficult to clean with

ordinary tools. With the right tools and cleaners we can deep clean and revitalize

your floors making it sparkling clean.

Benefits of Cleaning:
- Removes stubborn dirt and bacteria from the surface of the tile and grout
- Removes polymers, stains and oil residue that have become embedded to the surface
- Impregnating and sealing the surface will protect it for years to come

Color enhancement

Stone color enhancing impregnator enriches the true colors of stone creating a moisture

barrier giving it maximum protection. Color enhancing can be used for different surfaces like

brick, masonry, flamed granite, and slate. There are two types of finishes available to enhance a surface - flat sheen and wet look.

Benefits Color Enhancement:
- Enriches the colors of stone and seals the surface
- Provides natural look and a wet look
- Can be used for indoor and outdoor use but highly recommended for outdoor surfaces
- Protects, enhances and preserves a beautiful look

Stain removal

Marble is highly porous thus very susceptible to stains. It is essential to remove stains from

the marble in order to preserve and maintain its beauty and appearance. Stain removal is

used to lift stubborn stains, oil, rust and water. Special poultice helps lift the stain out from

underneath completely removing stain.

Benefits of Stain Removal:
- Application of stain removal can salvage marble and saves the cost of replacement
- Non-toxic odours. Applying stain remover can take 1 - 3 days .
- Once stain is removed, impregnation can be applied to prevent stains from damaging the surface

Ceramic tile and porcelain polish

Ceramic tile and porcelain polish is a non-wax polishing compound that enhances protects and restores most ceramic, porcelain, terracotta and quarry tiles. This new and improved 2 steps process will also provides a slip resistant finish. This service can only be performed on tiles with a polished flat surface.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Polishing:
- Rejuvenate the look and appearance
- Saves the cost of replacement of tiles

Concrete polishing and epoxy flooring

Polished concrete is becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material. Polished concrete looks like glass on concrete floor and is very easy to maintain. Revival Stone provides a service for epoxy finishes. We can design your floors to look like Terrazzo giving you a variety of options.

Benefits of Concrete polishing and epoxy flooring:
- Gives out a shiny and clean overall appearance
- Polished concrete can be easily maintained and kept clean
- Epoxy flooring can be used for your garage, basement ,washroom, facilities and warehouses because it is very durable
-Epoxy finishes have a variety of colors and designs to choose from


Revival Stone Specialties suggest a maintenance program that comprehensively
addresses the aspects of wear and tear of your marble floors. Regular maintenance visits allow Revival Stone to take preventative measures to ensure that your valuable property is kept in excellent and beautiful condition at all times. Let us get you started with our custom
tailored maintenance program to preserve and maintain your beautiful marble floors.

Benefits of Maintenance:
- Our maintenance program ensures the excellent condition and appearance of your marble floors at all times
- A floor is an investment when it never decreases in value

Custom installation

Count on us when it comes to post installation. Our team has qualified tile setters and marble layers that are very experienced. Call us and let us recommend the most suitable and cost efficient solution for your project.

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