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By: Rethink Solutions  09-12-2011

  • Reduced Storage – Scanning files and documents and integrating them within iTAM Docs can greatly reduce the amount of prime storage space required by paper.
  • Flexible Retrieval – iTAM Docs stores all files and documents centrally and associates them with corrsponding properties and parcel/accounts.  Less time is spent locating file as they can be retrieved without leaving a desk.
  • Flexible Indexing – iTAM Docs can index and categorize  files and documents in several differnet ways simultaneously.
  • Improved, Faster and More Flexible Search – Retrieve and locate files by keywords and file descriptions and apply single or mutliple taxonomies or categorizations to a file or document that allow it to be classified and stored in more than one way from a single instance.
  • Controlled and Improved Distribution – Easily share files and documents with colleagues and clients via the web using the iTAM Link solution.
  • Improved Security – iTAM Docs / iTAM Link provides better more flexible control over sensitive files an documents.  Access to files can be controlled at a client and property level.
  • Disaster Recovery – iTAM Docs files and documents are backed up daily providing archives and an effective disaster recovery strategy.
  • No Lost Files – Lost documents can be expensive and time consuming to replace.  With iTAM Docs all files and documents remain centrally stored when being viewed, so none are lost or misplaced.

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