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By: Retalon  09-12-2011
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Retalon's credo is "A plan not supported by a specific set of actions is just a good intention". Retalon Planning is a unique system that allows retail organizations to reconcile the traditional "top-down" corporate sales planning with "bottom-up" approach employed by product planners and buyers.
Retalon planning allows users to plan through all levels in organization from the corporate financial plan, through merchandize specific planning down to SKU/Store. - The chief benefit of the Retalon Fortune Pricing for retailers is the ability to produce the most profitable pricing campaigns from the product's introduction, throughout the product's entire life cycle due to appropriate introductory pricing, dynamic price maintenance, and the most effective markdown strategy. - Promotions are an important driver of retail activity … and also a source of questions and uncertainty by many retailers. Retalon has developed a special approach that allows you to identify past promotions, calculate their effect on regular demand and predict the effect of various promotional activities on the future demand of different solutions. Retalon Promotional Campaign system can help you to achieve the maximal possible profit from multiproduct campaigns. - Forecasts generated by Retalon's Common Analytic Platform Fortune indicate future demand quantities for each product. However, these quantities do not directly translate into purchase order quantities. At any given moment, a retailer has inventory on hand and on-order, some products just arrived at the warehouse and others are in transit. Different vendors have different lead times. Buyers Open-to-Buy (OTB) doesn't necessary match the cost of inventory suggested for purchase. All these parameters change rapidly. The Retalon Optimal Purchaser calculates true Suggested Order Quantities for optimal operations of the supply chain reconciled with the buyers OTB. - A well-executed allocation and replenishment strategy is crucial in management of a supply chain. The task requires an instant analysis of large amounts of data on products, stores and inventory. While this information changes constantly, one objective remains constant - the on-hand availability in stores, especially for "hot" products. A properly designed Allocation and Replenishment system ensures maximum sales revenue, higher turns, customer satisfaction and loyalty. - To remain competitive retailers need to create individual approach for each store, reflecting stores' unique patterns of demand, demographics, competitors, and possibly varied weather patterns and store layouts. When implemented, it results in improved customer service levels at every store.
With Retalon's Merchandising solutions, users leverage the specifics of each individual store to maximize its performance. - Retalon's Re-Allocation is a one-of-a-kind system that turns all stores into one distribution center. It results in all merchandise being immediately available for sale, as well as out-of-stock stores with higher rate of sales being replenished with goods available at other stores with lower sales. It happens, due to variety of reasons, that sometime after a product is allocated to stores, it is sold out in some retail stores and at the same time, the same SKU is in abundance in other stores. Retalon's Re-Allocation system identifies and suggests transfers for products FROM stores where these products are in abundance & do not sell very well TO stores in which the same products have a higher chance of being sold & have lower inventory on-hand. - Determining optimal shipment quantities is one of the crucial links in maximizing the efficiency of the supply chain for distributors. Accurate future demand calculations is an important first step, which needs to be followed up with a thorough analysis in order to determine optimal shipment quantities and the correct timing of shipments. Turning out optimal shipment quantities allows for a quick reaction to shifts in demand, including the last minute changes in Order Quantities Properly generated Optimal Shipment Quantities satisfy customer orders timely with optimal inventory levels. - Retalon Vendor Link is a collaborative planning forecast and replenishment tool. It allows all supply chain partners share information, creating true visibility across the entire supply chain. Suppliers and vendors gain the ability to view the performance of their brands at retail stores. The visibility spans future forecasts and sales history data, store and warehouse levels of inventory, quantities on hand, inventory on order and in-transit, back orders, returns, and quantities open to buy. Other vital business intelligence includes seasonality, product status, gross margins, promotional uplifts data, daily weights of different weeks in the retailer's fiscal calendar, performance analysis information, and many others.

*NOTE:Retalon offers its solutions and products as a service.

Keywords: Promotional Campaign, Retail, Sales Planning, supply chain

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This means that there is no installation, deployment, or integration needed.


Retalon Promotional Events, Campaigns, and Flyer Management Products

Retalon Event Management & Identification module application allows users to recover critical promotional statistics from a point-of-sale database. EMI accurately projects the amount of incremental sales and calculates overall benefits of promotional campaigns. EMI identifies past promotions omitted from the records and restores missing promotional information.


Retalon Planning & Forecasting Products

The Merchandise Planning and Forecasting module forecasting and planning is done at a SKU/Channel level (for non-multichannel businesses, it would be at a SKU/Nation level). It includes a forecasting engine, merchandise planning workbook, and other merchandising planning tools..


Retalon Analytic Assessment (RAA) Service

By running customer data through the Retalon Common Analytic Platform called FORETUNE customers get a unique chance to obtain objective and unbiased quantitative assessments of merchandise. A Retalon Analytic Assessment allows retailers to obtain an objective and unbiased quantitative assessment of their merchandising, supply chain, and marketing operations. Competitive analysis along with the projected trends VS competing businesses.