Retalon Analytic Assessment (RAA) Service

By: Retalon  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, supply chain, Merchandising

Retalon Analytic Assessment (RAA) Service

A Retalon Analytic Assessment allows retailers to obtain an objective and unbiased quantitative assessment of their merchandising, supply chain, and marketing operations. By running customer data through the Retalon Common Analytic Platform called FORETUNE customers get a unique chance to obtain objective and unbiased quantitative assessments of merchandise, supply chain and marketing operations. This includes:

  • Competitive analysis along with the projected trends VS competing businesses
  • Comparative analysis of current standings VS. Industry averages and projected changes
  • Identification of existing inefficiencies and assessment of their future impact
  • Identification of strong, well performing areas and performance forecast
  • Specific, actionable Lost Profit Recovery recommendations

There are several variations of Retalon Analytic assessment (RAA) services:




Key Areas covered by RAA service

  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales trends
  • GM/profit trends,
  • Inventory levels trends
  • Multiple levels inventory standing analysis compared to demand
  • Insufficient Gross Margins
  • Missed sales
  • Instances of below-expectation Customer Service Levels
  • Gaps in store assortment selections
  • Best and worst promotional tactics
  • Inadequate promotional prices
  • Improper allocation to stores
  • Inefficient replenishment practices
  • Micro-merchandising and store grouping analyses and others

Retalon has successfully provided the Analytic Assessment service to a number of organizations annually.

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Keywords: Comparative Analysis, Customer Service, Customer Service Levels, Lost Profit Recovery, Marketing Operations, Merchandising, Profit Recovery, Quantitative Assessment, supply chain,

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