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By: Retail It  09-12-2011
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No matter how big your business is—whether you own a single location, a small or medium-sized chain, or franchise or run a large chain or franchise—we have a solution for you. Our is designed to address the needs of a wide range of multi-location businesses, including chains and franchises, while our is designed for managing the needs of a single location. And, we know Retail-IT can work for any business— plus we have specialized solutions for , , and .

Retail-IT has been designed to meet the needs of today’s super-competitive, multi-channel business environment. In fact, Retail-IT will not only meet your needs, but it will help improve your customer’s experience, lower your costs, increase sales, and grow your business! We can even help you improve and extend customer service through the deployment of self-service kiosks or by integrating with your website.

How is this all possible? It’s because Retail-IT’s many possible implementations are built using the same powerful engine and expertise. Whether your solution requires one terminal in one location or many terminals in many locations, you get the same intelligent business functionality, the same real-time system and inventory control, and the same technical sophistication.

Retail-IT comes loaded with standard features that will immediately have a positive impact on your business. You can not only improve the quality and accuracy of customer service at the sales counter, you can also improve how you manage your customers’ information and reward their loyalty. You can manage your products, services, and inventory in real-time. You can view extensive and detailed sales and operational reports. You can track and audit sales from a corporate view right down to any individual receipt. Retail-IT is also a powerful technology platform that provides constant availability, anywhere-anytime access, and unlimited scalability—all through a simple, intuitive interface.

Retail-IT is a truly scalable and flexible retail management system. It is designed to expand with you and your business—from your first location and POS terminal right on up to when you become the next big national chain!

Retail-IT gives you what you need right out of the gate – full flexibility and complete control. Whenever you need to add more POS terminals or self-serve kiosks, you add them. Whenever you need to add more locations to your network, you add them. No extra modules, no system extensions or add-ons, no customization—and no waiting. In short, whenever you’re ready, Retail-IT is already ready. Retail-IT will support you every step of the way, ensuring you get the solution that helps you grow your business, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price.

Integration and customization: two necessary—and often dreaded—realities of today’s complex and specialized IT world. Chances are you’ve already made significant investments in your technology infrastructure and business systems, and you want a retail management system that will easily and seamlessly integrate into your existing IT ecosystem. We also understand that in every business—small, medium, or large—you may offer specific products or services, or have unique business processes that you wish to retain that can’t be met “out-of-the-box” by any point of sale system or retail management solution.

Our philosophy is simple: Your business should not have to fit around or adapt to our solution; rather, our solution will fit in with and adapt to your business.

Retail-IT is built in a highly modular and adaptable fashion. You can literally pick and choose those functions you want to utilize, and those which you don’t. And don’t worry about your choices, because if and when you change your mind, down the road, we can turn on any feature or function you desire at any point in time. As well, we can quickly and affordably build new features and functions that conform to your specific business needs and processes. We have extensive experience in integrating Retail-IT with other key business solutions (SAP, accounting systems, payment gateways, etc.). We also offer a variety of hosting options for you to consider.

We will work with you to find the solution that works best for you.

When you choose Retail-IT, you’re choosing to work with Qualicom Innovations, Inc., a recognized and award winning industry leader in IT consulting areas such as business process design, IT architecture and systems design, systems integration and development, IT project management, and user-centered design.

We have successfully built and deployed many systems and solutions, including other retail solutions such as integrated payment gateways, digital advertising solutions, etc. We can even help you spruce up your web site and deploy an integrated e-commerce engine.

We also have a large pool of high-tech IT design and programming expertise that you can call upon when you need it. Our experience in various industry sectors with clients of varying sizes makes us well qualified to work with you in any capacity. And because we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, the chances are that we will be familiar with your business and your staff when you need us most.

Keywords: Customer Service, Point Of Sale, Pos Terminal, pos terminals, Retail Management, Sale System

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