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By: Results By Design  09-12-2011


o Initial assessments are complimentary and highly recommended. Re-assessments are included every 6 weeks moving forward as part of our incentive program.  

o Body composition (fat mass vs. lean mass), height and weight, physical measurements, resting heart rate and blood pressure are recorded. With this information, we can now safely and intelligently set realistic achievable goals.

o Full range of motion and flexibility as well as a postural evaluation will allow us to determine what stage of the program you will be safely starting with.

o Movement patterns are also taking into consideration when designing your program. Improper movement patterns can be a major contributing factor to injury and lack of results.

o Our in depth fitness, nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire will help you identify areas in your life that are of high priority and importance. We will provide ongoing holistic lifestyle coaching support as well as a holistic food plan tailored to your individual needs with your desired results in mind.

o Based on your assessment results we will design an overall program recommendation.


* Covered by most insurance accident/ injury benefit programs

     In Home Or Office Training

o We will come right to your office or home with all the proper equipment that you require.

o We can turn your office or home space into a functional training environment in no time.

o Specifically selected stretches and functional strength exercises (movements that enhance your daily functions) will comprise your program based on the data revealed in the assessment.

o Programs are designed for exercise on or off-site.


o Is the foundation for getting you the best results possible! Is why in addition, NLC is included in all of our incentive programs.

o Using a metabolic typing method with a holistic approach, you will maximize your ability to digest and absorb nutrients reducing disease and improving vitality!

o We understand that it all starts with what you put in, that will determine what you get out of this program is why we provide individualized realistic meal plans with simple guidelines to follow.

o Its not just the quantity that's important but more so the quality when talking about food these days. We consider this very important and widely overlooked fact when designing your food plan.

o Discover how a few small changes 80% of the time will make such a big difference.

o Be sure to expect recommendations for improving the quality of your life and together we work to support your long-term health and wellness.


o With today's growing trend, more and more teens are becoming unhealthy.

o Proactive educational and motivational service, we will get your teen moving in the right direction towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

o Fun, effective, and a great way to get boost any teen's confidence.

o Educational based scientific knowledge that will provide any teen with the tools they require to achieve and maintain their health long-term.


- available soon-

It is not necessarily the exercises that are important but more importantly, how the exercises are to be carried out.

This will determine how effective the exercises will ultimately be!

Increase your result potential while decreasing risk of injury.


o We provide first hand knowledge and expertise with over 10 years experience in the industry to ensure your space is up to date with the latest necessities.

o Fully functional gyms designed to maximize your space to fit your budget.

o We specialize in maximizing space; minimizing long-term costs, offering ongoing reports and suggestions of ways to improve your amenity.

o Integrate our proactive strategies before you invest into your space to reduce start up cost due to inefficient set up.

o Prevent repair cost and save money long term through intelligent practical design.

o We provide monthly or quarterly reports of current gym spaces for overall safety, functionality, cleanliness and overall maintenance condition of your space.

o Servicing and maintaining equipment as required, following up with repair orders.

o Create interest, offer our services with no cost to management, and create a sense of value and assurance to your space.

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