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By: Respect  09-12-2011
Keywords: Human Rights, Work Environment, Harassment


Our methodology

Our experience dealing with those involved in a dispute (the complainant, the respondent, the manager responsible for intervention, Human Resources, the Legal Department, other employees affected by the conflict and Human Rights Commissions) is incorporated into extremely relevant, interesting and accessible training programs.

We provide more than a review of the law and complaint management processes. With a dynamic, interesting and stimulating training style we encourage participants to become involved in the training both personally and professionally. For example, participants learn what is harassment and discrimination from a policy perspective but they are also asked to discover and challenge their own personal opinions, biases and prejudices. It is the goal of the programs to have a lasting impression on those who attend and participate. Participants develop an understanding of human rights in the workplace as well as acquire effective and practical tools for preventing and eliminating and managing workplace discrimination, harassment, and conflict.

RESPECT in the Workplace Training (group)

Our “RESPECT in the Workplace Training Program” (also referred to as anti-discrimination and harassment awareness training) ensures that managers and employees understand what constitutes workplace discrimination and harassment and how to prevent and eliminate inappropriate workplace conduct. Every employer has an obligation to act with due diligence to provide a healthy work environment and this program both demonstrates that commitment and improves the work environment.

RESPECT’s training approach is participatory and active. Our program is designed to challenge employees’ perspectives and encourage healthy dialogue. Exercises, role-plays and video combine to create a fast paced and interesting program which engages participants and allows absorption rather than memorization of this important material. The training equips participants with the necessary information, tools and techniques which will enable them to meet their legal obligations and to contribute to a healthy work environment.

Sensitivity Awareness Training (individual)

RESPECT’s Sensitivity Awareness Training Program (which is unique and very popular amongst clients) is an effective means of reintegrating an employee or member of management back into the workplace where they have or may have engaged in inappropriate and unwelcome conduct. It is facilitated by Jennifer Pernfuss and Scott Tavis which allows for a diverse perspective and a rich dialogue about the subject matter. The program’s purpose is educational providing the employee with awareness about workplace discrimination and harassment and effective techniques necessary to establish harmonious and productive working relationships. Jennifer and Scott have conducted hundreds of these programs. They are powerful and effective because the commitment is to go beyond a superficial discussion about Human Rights and get to a deeper understanding of the participant’s behaviour and to use the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

This program is customized to meet the needs of the participant and the organization and takes into account the particular circumstances in which the issue arose. For example, if the participant is in a management position and one of the issues is the style of management and its impact, the program will address this. Issues of perception and impact will be explored as well as best practices which serve to create a shift in his or her working relationships.

How to Manage Employee Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment Training (for members of Management)

Internal Advisor and Investigator training

Keywords: Awareness Training, Harassment, Human Rights, Work Environment, workplace discrimination