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By: Research Now  09-12-2011

Research results are only as good as the underlying sample being used. That's why we put so much emphasis on the quality of the sample we provide to our clients.

We understand the importance that sample planning plays in the research process and work closely with our clients on each project to ensure we deploy sample exactly as required, according to the overall project design.

And we are constantly evolving our sampling processes and tools to ensure efficient and accurate deployment of sample on each project.

Our sample selection process begins with a client kick-off call to define and confirm each project's and client's specific needs, since these can vary from project to project, from job to job.

Once the needs have been defined and the scope of the project has been agreed to, our Project Management team prepares the sample for deployment.

For example:

  • Targeted sample (using any of our 300+ psychographic or demographic business-to-business or business-to-consumer member profiles)
  • Pre-screened sample (used on low-incidence projects to maximize respondent experience and ensure quality data) to field a project.

We pull sample files randomly and have the ability to exclude respondents based on past participation from previous research studies. If required, we can also re-contact respondents from the same survey for a follow-up study.

Sample deployment is controlled using our internal panel management system and we can manage invitations in batches, by time zone and by geography.

We also have the ability to replicate sample pulls with unique respondents to ensure consistent sampling methodology and selection during the course of a study.

Additionally, a quality control system is utilized to detect any potential overlap between sample waves and batches to ensure that the sample is consistent and unique before it is delivered to a specific study.

Since we offer the industy's most comprehensive consumer, business and specialist panels, you benefit from the widest range of online sample options.

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