What Every NHP Distributor Should Know About Co-packers

What Every NHP Distributor Should Know About Co-packers from Repack Canada

By: Repack Canada  14-10-2015
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by Eira Braun-Labossiere http://repackcanada.com/business/what-every-nhp-distributor-should-know/ Every NHP distributor knows that all Canadian manufacturers, packagers, labellers, and importers of natural health products must have site licenses. To obtain a license, sites must maintain proper distribution records, have proper procedures for product recalls and for the handling, storage and delivery of their products, and demonstrate that they meet good manufacturing practice requirements. What are NHPs? Natural Health Product are often called “complementary” or “alternative” medicines and to quote from the Health Canada web site include: vitamins and minerals herbal remedies homeopathic medicines traditional medicines like traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic (East Indian) medicines probiotics other products like amino acids and essential fatty acids Many everyday consumer products, like certain toothpastes, antiperspirants, shampoos, facial products and mouthwashes are also classified as natural health products in Canada. Fast fact: 71% of Canadians have used natural health products like vitamins and minerals, herbal products, and homeopathic medicines. There are even energy drinks, waters and juices with added vitamins and minerals, and yogurts and bars with specific health claims that hold NHPs. However, how does an NHP distributor find the right co-packer? An NHP distributor may qualify an appropriate co-packer by word of mouth, hearing first hand whether a co-packer holds an NHP site license and that it is reliable for speedy turnaround. Or, like many of us, a distributor may turn to an online search engine to initiate some leads to a co-packers that might be a fit for them. But I submit to you: look no further as Repack Canada is your answer. Co-packers must abide by the practices Health Canada sets out and then must apply for the license. Repack Canada meets all criteria for a site license and has been authorized by Health Canada for “packaging” and “labelling” of Natural Health Products. With Repack you know your NHPs are being handled in a safe and qualified environment. Over the last 15 years the majority of our clients have been and still are from the food and pharmaceutical industry, so we are well versed in following GMPs. We also hold a Drug Establishment License and a Precursor Class A License. We are sensitive to and understand special requirements and documentation for lot and date codes. Beyond the NHP Site License When it is time promote your NHP line Repack Canada, together with The Freelance Portfolio, will create fresh designs for your multi-packs, POP displays, pallet displays, capturing your target audience: The Freelance Portfolio will help you map out the best methods of launching or re-launching your product or your entire line. The Freelance Portfolio design, print and produce custom displays to get your brands front and centre in store. Repack Canada will assemble and pack to store specs. Repack Canada will also label, lot code, create multi-packs — in short will carry out any hand assembly requirements. Let’s get started on your project today.

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