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By: Regina Senjule  09-12-2011
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What to consider before applying for legal aid.

In order to get a legal aid lawyer to represent you, your legal matter  must  be  in an area of law covered  by  legal aid. For example,  while legal aid may cover family, criminal immigration matters it does not cover civil matters in general accept for a few cases. Even within an area of law, legal aid may not necessarily cover every legal problem. For example legal aid as a general rule does not cover divorces. and

Legal Aid Ontario will pay for a lawyer to represent you if  your legal problem is covered and you meet the financial requirements, and have no other means of obtaining legal representation.

Applying for legal aid

If you qualify for legal aid, you will have to find a lawyer to assist you with your legal problem. Regina  Senjule is an experienced Family law lawyer who has practiced family law and other areas of law including Criminal, and immigration for thirteen years. You would be in safe hands. Your family lawyer, Regina Senjule can meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your case, and will handle your matter expeditiously and efficiently.

Keywords: Law, Lawyer, Legal Aid