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By: Refurlme  09-12-2011 offers a variety of features to make users feel more comfortable in choosing the best partner to serve their needs


reFURLme offers users the opportunity to save by buying discount coupons for goods and services offered by our partners. Whether you need a to change your winter tires, your car detailed or a whole new car, reFURLme can offer you a great deal from one of our partners. Coupons are activated only after a pre-designated number is sold and only then is the user’s account charged for the purchase.


Users have the ability to post their vehicle on the re-lease/re-finance section, share with others or even get into another lease/finance deal if  they have a change of heart. We all tend to get bored and tired of things and this is true of vehicles as much as anything else. Why not find a user that wants to trade a lease with you!



Searchable by location and by type of service offered, the reFURLme business directory allows userss to find the most convenient partner location.


User s can buy, sell and trade for FREE on reFURLme. Each user can post up to 3 ads for 30 days on reFURLme. If you have anything automotive to sell, give it a try.

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