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By: Red Iron Security  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Encryption, Patient Data

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RedIron Security's 2Encrypt

RedIron's 2Encrypt extension provides full encryption and automated key management support that protects sensitive patient data within the provider's clinic and through communications with external labs, hospitals, and other partners. 2Encrypt installs within the existing software & hardware base and requires no software modifications. Once implemented, 2Encrpyt works at the data interception layer to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data "on-the-fly". Encryption keys are automatically created and changed according to the schedule specified by the clinician's IT staff, with all encryption ciphers being supported.

2Encrypt works independently from medical applications - so there is no need to purchase separate solutions for each system that deals with sensitive patient data. Whether all the medical applications are from one vendor or many, 2Encrypt seamlessly encrypts and decrypts data on the fly. System performance is not impacted in any way - RedIron's encrypt/decrypt components are high performing, finely tuned to this purpose while at the same time providing a Strong Encryption solution.

2Encrypt Highlights

Encrypt all sensitive data at rest including data in files, databases and registry as well as network transmissions between applications.

2Encrypt creates a secure data chain across the medical environment. It works without altering the code of applications that access that information so that rollout is simple and efficient.

Integrates with multiple cryptography providers and existing key management services.

20 recently installed and audited success stories demonstrated that we can support our claims of quick, comprehensive and price sensitive security.

RedIron is constantly looking to the future. Whether it be new methods used by thieves or new governmentally legislated standards that will have to be met, RedIron's 2Encrypt will remain on the cutting edge of security so healthcare providers can confidently go about their business.

Don't let your practice become a breach of security statistic. 2Encrypt will ensure that all your data is protected against theft and loss, and will do it in a way that is transparent to your practice and requires almost no effort on the part of you or your staff.

Keywords: Encryption, Patient Data, Security