By: Ravioli Roller  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rolling Pin

Our product fills that very specific need for today's society.. Due to the lifestyle changes and "cocooning" now prevailing, timing for a product such as ours is perfect. It is specifically designed for and accommodates the conscious consumer interested in a healthier lifestyle as well as those who want to revive the tradition of home-made goodness.

Utility, ease and durability are our main concerns. The fact that our product can be used with just a few simple steps, adds to its appeal, versatility and affordability.

Our product stands out from our competition

Other products on the market are made of wood, which loses its shape with time, after being washed periodically. Other products are limited to the amount of ravioli produced at one time: i.e. plastic sandwich types and metal types which can only produce one or twelve at a time, which can be time consuming.
The rolling pin with an edge!TM
The arnco®

Keywords: Rolling Pin