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By: Quality Property Services  09-12-2011
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Why Irrigation?

There are several benefits derived from lawn irrigation, as well as some considerations about this practice. When lawns and landscape are properly watered, appearance is maintained and pride of ownership enhanced. In addition, proper irrigation often decreases weed invasion and allows lawn grasses to better tolerate insect and disease pressure. On the other hand, improper irrigation practices either too much or too little water can lead to poor lawn grass health and increased weed, insect, and disease problems. Excessive watering can cause rapid turf growth resulting in more mowing and clippings. It can also lead to a shallow turf root system and weed and pest invasions. Under-watered turf becomes open and sparse, developing a poor appearance and allowing weed invasion.Irrigation
Regular watering of your landscape could mean the difference in having a landscape that grows and flourishes and one that struggles to stay alive. Meeting the water requirements of your plants is a very important part of their survival. At QPS we design and install quality long-lasting irrigation systems. Our irrigation techs are experienced and qualified to handle all aspects your irrigation system, troubleshooting, activations, winterization, renovation, and installation

QPS provides complete landscape design and installation services. We strive for organization and perfect details employing only the best installers.
QPS can assure you that any project will be carried out to completion with attention to your needs. QPS is the wise choice for all projects large or small.
Homeowners face a wide range of choices when planning a wooden deck. Some wood products are extremely costly, while some low-cost materials won't provide the durability most homeowners are looking for. QPS will customize your deck to suit your needs.

Keywords: irrigation, landscape