Quad Infotech : Mobile Intelligence

By: Quad Infotech  09-12-2011

Would you like to have all your important corporate KPIs or production information on your smart phone?

Would you like this information to be always up-to-date and in real time?

Would you like your smart phone to ring or vibrate every time your KPIs reach critical limits?

If your answer is yes, then we have exactly what you need.
We have developed Apex Mobile for people that must know everything even when away.  Apex Mobile is designed tap into the Apex Advanced Data Management server in order to provide all your information needs from all your corporate information systems.

The Apex Mobile components are predesigned by your IT department based on your information requirements.  The mobile user can register any of these components on their mobile phones and start monitoring the real-time data.  That simple!
Some highlights of the Apex Mobile are:

  • No programming required
  • Standard reports designed and distributed centrally
  • Graphically rich presentations
  • Smart refresh: Data refresh is performed only when new data is available on the Apex server
  • Alarms and Notifications for critical events
  • Encrypted transmission for privacy and security
  • Developed for Blackberry, iPhone and Android platforms

Ask us for more information on how Apex Mobile can help your organization becoming better informed.

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