QRI Qualitative & Quantitative Research

By: Qri Intl  09-12-2011

Qualitative research utilizes focus groups, individual interviews or a variety of other methods, including online approaches.  It is used to make broad discoveries or to generate deep insights about the character and nature of your target, your category or your product.  Our experience, skill and creativity allow us to make the most of what this art form has to offer.

Quantitative research applies the strength of numbers to surveys conducted online, by telephone, or face to face.  Our advanced analytical techniques elevate quantitative beyond mere measurement and counting into the realm of decoding and understanding.

Read below to learn more about some of our qualitative and quantitative project archetypes…



How do you make room in your line-up for innovations?  What's the best line-up for specific retailers?   Optimize your portfolio.


Needs Mapping

Visualize what different demographic groups in your target want from your category, and where each brand fits.


Market Slice

Understand the different ‘slices’ of your target market, and what makes them tick.


Decision Hierarchy

What's most important to your target consumer when they are making choices in this category?


Advanced Tracking

Gain an edge in understanding your brand health and the effectiveness of your advertising


Organizational Intelligence

Utilize your staff as a grassroots early-warning detection system for consumer trends, issues and opportunities


Conjoint Analysis

Apply this advanced procedure to optimize your product's bundle of features


Job Applicant Tracking

Continuously measure online job applicants, their attractors, and results of the hiring process


Employee Satisfaction

Understand your employee basis and factors contributing to retention


Quantitative research studies creatively designed to meet your very specific needs



Consumer Insight

What makes your target consumer tick? Discover brand-relevant insights that make a difference.


Category Appraisal

What do target consumers look for in your category, and where do different product types and brands fit in?


Brand Portrait

What does your brand stand for in your target's eyes and how does this fit into the current category context?


Inception Inspection

Research to aid new product development at all stages from idea generation through positioning.


Advertisement Assay

Understand the emotional impact and communications of creative that is in development or under consideration


Mega Groups

We’ve developed the ideal approach for adding the power of quantitative to the finesse and depth of qualitative



Gain insights into the changing face of the community.  Conducted in language when appropriate


Qualitative research studies creatively designed to meet your very specific needs