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By: Qixas  09-12-2011

Are you having performance issues with your Dynamics NAV solution?  SQL performance improvement tools for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) gives customers the opportunity to realize the full potential of their ERP solution.  

We offer the following tools to improve your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution:

There is an 80-90% probability that your Dynamics NAV database is not set-up for optimal performance.  

  • 20-1000% performance boost compared to non-optimized systems and processes
  • Optimizes SQL Server statistics making Query Optimizer more efficient
  • Optimizes SIFT records removing zero unnecessary records
  • Re-indexes with optimum fill factor for read and write performance
  • Runs automatically at scheduled intervals

Features of the Perform-Maintenance service are:

  • Perform Maintenance Tool: running the tool for the first time will ensure that your back-end database is optimized.
  • Ensure that your database setup options are correct. Running periodically will ensure that your database stays that way.
  • Remove unnecessary overheads. (For example at least 10% of records in SIFT tables are empty in a typical Dynamics NAV database.).  Perform Maintenance will, when run a regular basis, remove these unnecessary overhead records. Many standard statistics within SQL Server prove to be of little value.
  • Remove the unnecessary statistics whilst at the same time providing valuable and meaningful Dynamics NAV orientated statistics. Due to the nature of the applications many tables become fragmented.
  • Ensure indexes and data are de-fragmented and stored as efficiently as possible whilst optimizing both read and write times. It has been proven by many customers that a properly maintained backend database can yield an extra 20-30% in performance as compared to databases without Perform Maintenance.

Perform-Tracking for Dynamics NAV

A revolution in gathering vital system statistics, Performance-Tracking for Dynamics NAV helps companies like yours gain access to the system “pulse” much faster than you could ever imagine.  In order to really know if something is slower than it should be or damaged, you need historical data. When someone says the system is “slow” today, you can then look back at previous data to see if the performance was the same. Using Perform-Tracking to collect this type of baseline data can truly change the way you do business.

Performance-Tracking shows the impact of changes and provides vital information as to what happened when, but perhaps the best thing about this tool is that it can be used in both a reactive and a proactive mode. As a result, whether you need to evaluate what  isn’t functioning correctly or how to gather information to evaluate trends over time, Performance-Tracking can help.

Perform-Tracking collects information from the NAV database with major focus on the following areas:

  • User Activities
  • Object Changes
  • System Growth
  • Proactive Alerts

Perform-Analysis for Dynamics NAV

  • A “soft” bridge for SQL Server and NAV
  • Index cost analysis
  • SIFT index cost analysis
  • Table costs analysis
  • Zero SIFT analysis
  • Blocking analysis
  • Locking analysis
  • Disk latency analysis
  • Memory usage analysis

Perform-Analysis provides a “capability bridge” between SQL Server and Dynamics NAV. For example, Certified Navision developers will have vital information about Table indexes and SIFT indexes that cause the largest overhead. They can focus on the tables, indexes and application areas in their optimization efforts.

Questions that are raised when having consultants review your system are:

  1. How many blocks were there over a period of time?
  2. Which application areas were affected?
  3. Which users were involved?

NAV SQL Procedure Management

Boost performance on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV-SQL installation!

Improve performance on the SQL Server option by easily creating, using and managing T-SQL statements and procedures directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The NAV SQL Procedure Management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it easy to manage these T-SQL calls and stored procedures from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and also makes it easy to move applications to other databases and servers without the need of accessing SQL Server directly.

NAV SQL Procedure Management acts like an

additional designer

, and has no limits on the no. of procedures and the SQL Procedure can be called from within any trigger directly in the C/AL code.

The gain:

One specific simple test discloses that the same function run in traditional Microsoft Dynamics NAV Code is 2100% slower than the same T-SQL statement run directly on the server from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

So are you experiencing performance issues using the SQL Server Option with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the NAV SQL Procedure Management add-on might be the solution.

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