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By: Pure Organic  09-12-2011
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We currently provide a limited set of services to external clients. This list will expand in 2011.

Web Site Design and Development

We offer a simple, comprehensive, affordable Web Site design and development solutions using only Open Source Software. In a nutshell, "open source" solution greatly reduce the cost of implementing a very professional, scalable and flexible solutions for small businesses. From a simple few pages website to a full scale multi-language e-commerce solution, you can use now software widely used and widely available to meet your demand as small business owners.

E-Commerce platform

We build e-commerce website for multiple type of activities. From online retail to consulting firms like architect, designers, contractors, you can use an E-commerce platform to simplify the communication channel with your customers and prospects and increase your sales. As we are using also Drupal technology for any E-commerce websites, you have a fully integrated solution between your Web Site and your E-commerce platfrom thus reducing the complexity and training cost for yourself and your employees.

An E-commerce website is a serious undertaking. While the technology to implement those is rather inexpensive, there is a lot of step to respect before having a workable solution for your clients. From certificate implementation, credit card gateway, taxes management, shipping rules, product set-up, catalogue management and then online sales management, there are a lot of steps and set-up and more importantly content to be built.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our key strength is to provide a consistent approach between the Web Site design, the content and the techniques used to optimize your content for the search engines so the right customers can find you.

As small Business Owners, you have to manage a limited budget to meet your growth objectives. Our services offerings is specifically design to meet that requirements. We do not build beautiful and expensive website but website that are effective with the right balance between graphic design and search engine optimization so that you attract the customers that correspond to your growth phase.

Google Search Engine Optimisation (Google SEO)

With 80 % of the Search Engine market, any work to position your company on the Internet will start with google search engine optimization. Each Search Engine algorithm has its own rules and key elements that must be respected to properly recognize your content. One of the very first thing to understand is what matter most regardless of what we do to optimize your web site for search engine is "good and solid content".  Without solid and unique content, no matter what we do, your ranking will not be as effective as if we work with you to make sure you have a solid content for your website.

Bing and Yahoo Search Engine Optimisation (Bing SEO)

With almost the rest of the search engine market (Yahoo and Bing share the same search engine), and upon successful optimization then we will work more specifically on an optimization plan  for the Bing Search Engine. The rules and activities we have to perform for the Bing Search Engine are a little different that Google SEO but once the work is done for Google then the incremental work for Bing SEO is not extensive.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will show you what it takes to be on the right page of google at the right time ..

If you have a small business in Toronto or Montreal and would like to be positioned on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing then place contact us so we can discuss an exclusive package for Toronto and Montreal Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Montreal offering or Toronto SEO offering). Our package guarantee that will not offer any SEO services in Toronto or Montreal for your specific category of activity to any other clients and thus the termination of our agreement. This package based on one year commitment will guarantee your positioning on the first page of google as 60 % of our revenue is based on fact that you are effectively positioned on the first page (or in the top 5 or first link on Google, bing etc.). For more information about this offering, please contact us. Some restriction in terms of business activities may apply given our current list of customers.

As small business owners, the key question is to know if you time is better spent on learning those advanced techniques or focusing on your client and services. By combining your business objective and having your agenda clear of "distraction", you business will grow steadily. In addition, you can stop this service offering at anytime.

You have a very active website and rich and up to date content but does not know how to generate revenue from it? You would like to optimize your adverstising revenue stream by better use the AdSense technolgy? You are based in Montreal or Toronto?

Our website technology integrate a set of tool dedicated to adSense management and we will build for you the right balance between content and online advertising.

Once you reach a certain revenue growth then we can assist you in using advance tools for Google Adverstising called adPallner

“A Brand is a singular concept that you own inside a prospect’s mind.”

Defining a Brand helps you to develop a cohesive, sustained and positive perception of your services to your customer.

Creating a Brand for a small business consist of:

  • Defining a company name (if not already defined) or a Marketing name for a range of services.
  • Defining a logo and its variation to identify the company.
  • Defining a font definition for all written documents.
  • Defining a color panel definition to enforce the visual identity.

Our company is dedicated to define Brand for small business company and owners willing to develop eco-friendly products and services.

Because small businesses can not spend thousands of dollars on a brand identity, we provide a comprehensive range of services at a very reasonable price.

You branding must be applied consistently across multiple platform and media, Our strength is provide a consistent approach to all your small business web site, social media and print requirements. Using our small team located in Montreal and Toronto, we have developed internal tools that ease the application of branding towards multiple platform. We apply graphic design to website, ecommerce website, twitter, youtube, google place etc so that you branding stay consistent across multiple media. Our design rates are very affordable and our solutions are specific for small business owners.

We offer a comprehensive range of Commercial Digital Photography and Imaging Management for Small Business. From Product photo shoot to Copyright management on Digital media, our digital photography is aimed to be affordable and fully integrated with you web, print and digital graphic design requirements. Managing commercial photography especially for website management is a lot more complex than just shooting pictures and put them on a websites. There are a lot of optimization to be performed to that your digital imaging document match your search engine optimization along with your branding. Contact us for more Information.

Keywords: Seo, web site, Web Site Design