CSR Assessment: Your Drivers & Benefits

By: Provictus Consulting  09-12-2011

Is corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability important to your business? Why? What are your motivations? What is the business case for social responsibility? In fact, what are all of the drivers of CSR that affect your company? A CSR opportunity assessment will show you why social responsibility and sustainability matters to your particular business.

How can you benefit from CSR?

What are the pressures to be socially responsible?

Similarly, there are many different forces and pressures that companies face to engage in socially responsible business practices. Some come from inside the firm and some come from outside. Some are personal - like values and beliefs - while others strictly business. For small and medium sized companies especially, managers are often unaware of the major pressures. Other times, it is a matter of determining how to respond to those pressures. Our assessment helps with both.

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