By: Promethean Logic  09-12-2011

Promethean Logic delivers information workflow solutions that solve even the most complex business challenges. As a catalyst to improving business performance, we help reduce costs while maximizing the investment in your staff and IT infrastructure. Some of these specific solutions are:

Document & Forms Processing

Control and monitor the flow of client information into your organization while minimizing manual work and data entry. An integrated information workflow reduces the time wasted on tracking and processing electronic documents while providing an efficient approach to creating a complete audit trail of each document’s lifecycle.

Data Centre Automation

Integrate systems, schedule when and where IT processes are run, and load balance work batches across a cloud of resources. Add escalation procedures to quickly react to errors and outages or create customized reports to monitor job status and history.

Document Archival

Simplify the document archival process, automatically controlling when and how documents move to long term storage. Efficiently track of files and documents to prevent them from being lost and misplaced. Incorporate audit trails at user, group and document levels to know concretely who accessed which files.

Approval Process Management

Add control and transparency to any information workflow’s processing to ensure critical gates are cleared and necessary touch-points are properly observed. Authorization roles can be assigned to users with secondary fall over approval processes to ensure service-level agreements are met.

Certification & Compliance

Track the milestones achieved in certification processes to ensure all prerequisites are attained and renewal standards maintained. Add oversight to any process to ensure all of the needed gates are cleared while adhering to all of the required rules and regulations.

Paperless Workflows

Moving current paper-based processes to electronic forms and captured images will save on consumables and personnel costs. Streamline the document process and integrate the appropriate reviews and approvals touch-points directly into the information workflow of the individual tasks.