By: Profitrend  09-12-2011

While ProfiTrend Enterprises can create and implement unique research tools for specific client needs, the following services tend to be meet many mainstream requirements:

  • White papers
    Unlike promotional brochures and other sales collaterals, white papers provide a context for customers who are involved in a purchase decision process. Typically prepared by an independent third-party like ProfiTrend, they normally include an objective assessment of a product/service space and highlight the features and dimensions that a potential customer should consider in choosing the best product or service. ProfiTrend has an excellent track record in writing white papers that clients can provide to their own potential customers to help them make the best decision. It’s an excellent way to set the stage for a sales call.  
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
    All products have a life-cycle that spans from early adoption to product retirement. At various points along the way it is vital to obtain feedback from your customers on the strengths and weaknesses of what you have to offer them. Such surveys help determine where a product is in its life-cycle and what might be done to extend its life. 
  • Product opportunity research
    User feedback is also important in bringing new products to market. Focus groups and questionnaires can be indispensable in setting the stage for any product launch. ProfiTrend’s toolkit contains a variety of approaches that can be usefully applied in this regard.  
  • Trend analysis
    In the investment space tracking performance is essential. ProfiTrend’s proprietary relative trend analysis (RTA) can be used to track investments and the investment potential of many financial instruments. Building on traditional moving average techniques, RTA not only identifies the strength of price trends, but also their consistency. We believe that a consistent trend is less likely to bend, and our algorithms successfully incorporate this extra dimension. We can provide custom solutions based on RTA, and you can see examples have how we can be applies through the link.