Continuing Education Webinars for Professional Organizers

By:  20-05-2010
Keywords: Training, Professional Organizer, professional organizers

Our on-demand webinars combine audio and visual instruction to create a great method of learning without ever having to travel.  As you will be watching online, there are no long distance fees. During these information-packed webinars, you will learn from well certified and experienced professionals who offer a unique training advantage.

The rapidly changing character and increasing complexity of the organizing industry demands continuous updating of all successful organizers’ knowledge, skills and understanding. 

Courses include:

Records Management (available individually or as a combo pack)
* It's a Lot More Than Filing
* Developing Classification Systems that are Used!
* Retention Scheduling
* Records Management Software
* Additional Components

Promoting Your Business to the Media

Surfing the Age Wave

It's Not Just Stuff, It's My Stuff!

Celiac Basics for the Organizer

How to Conduct an Effective Initial Consultation

Office Organizing - Solutions & Systems

Excel @ Filing

Keywords: Office Organizing, Organizing, Professional Organizer, professional organizers, Training



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