Comprehensive Training Program for Professional Organizers

By:  20-05-2010
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The Comprehensive Training Program for Professional Organizers gives you that quantum leap needed to operate a successful organizing business and achieve your full potential in the shortest timeframe possible.  
You will be armed with the knowledge and confidence as the Comprehensive Training Program for Professional Organizers is based on proven systems and methodologies, practical experience and in-depth awareness and cover topics of vital importance to manage and grow your business.

Certified Professional Organizers® and other professionals will share industry knowledge, expert advice, customizable business forms and more so that you can break into the field and earn more income!

In an industry where the landscape is constantly changing, we educate professional organizers in understanding their role and to create a measurable impact in the way they operate their business.

The Comprehensive Training Program for Professional Organizers provides all of the necessary elements for someone who has the skills and talents but needs to know more to turn that talent into an income generating business venture.

You can learn how to develop your skills, grow your business and increase your personal income through your following choices of programs...

  • On Demand Webinars ~ Nine comprehensive one-hour webinars
  • In-Person Seminars ~ Three-Day Live Comprehensive Training Program
  • Self-Study Manuals ~Three comprehensive manuals & Templates

Whichever option you choose, you will receive

  • Everything you need to know to create, market and operate a successful business as a Professional Organizer
  • Practical tips, techniques and industry information
  • Three comprehensive training manuals laden with strategic exercises to help you plan and create a solid foundation for your business  (printed manuals will arrive by XpressPost within 2-5 business days)
  • Numerous business and industry-specific customizable and printable forms to save time, money and creative energy   
  • Ongoing e-mail and video support
The up-to-date curriculum and relevant case studies provide real-world instruction in the latest techniques and practices.

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