Website Design - A Foundation

By: Prodigm  09-12-2011
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  • You do not appear on the first page when you perform a keyword search in Google or other search engines
  • You are not getting any enquiries from your web-site
  • The enquiries you are getting are irrelevant and not for your key capability, product or service
  • You are embarrassed to provide your web-site address to prospective customers
  • You do not have an easy way to gather leads from your web-site and add them to your sales process

If you don't have a website, you need one. 95% of all purchase decisions begin with a search of the internet rather than a contact with a “live” sales person. Consequently your web presence and what it says about you and your products and services is a critical component to your success. It is also essential that you are findable in a forest of alternatives.

Search engine ranking logic makes it very difficult to “fool” the ranking algorithm, so it is essential to pick your niche carefully and then ensure that you keep a consistent and often-updated representation of your unique capabilities. Once traffic arrives at your site it is critically important that your call to action is clear and easy, linking directly to the “Leads” in your CRM and that your key capabilities and solutions are represented clearly “at-a-glance”.

We have provided marketing analysis and web-site re-design to include the unique branding key-words in a search-engine-friendly format. SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), begins with a clear understanding of who you are and how your customers see you. It also includes concepts about what makes a perfect prospect for you. Rather like fishing for a certain species of fish, you want to make the fishing net the right size to catch the fish you are seeking.  We also make it easy for an interested prospect to say “Yes” by providing a call to action and a web-form that gathers information from prospects and delivers them straight into your CRM system for immediate action.

Keywords: Crm System

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The training that Prodigm delivers is focused on winning the support and cooperation of the sales force in using the CRM system effectively for the benefit of everyone. This is particularly difficult and critical in areas of business that provide skilled services as these are the hardest to ramp up effectively on short notice. Many businesses, particularly smaller businesses, find it very hard to predict sales or measure sales progress.


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Customer or Contact relationship Management, Designing and implementing an effective sales procedure, Web-site design and connection with the CRM. They are concerned that they have lost track of what's going on in sales, critical dates and deadlines and in nurturing key relationships. They seem to have stalled or are not growing as quickly as they want, or they are experiencing growing pains.