Designing and Implementing a Sales Process

By: Prodigm  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sales Management, Crm System, Sales Reporting

  • Sales forecasting is wildly inaccurate
  • Some sales people are succeeding and some are failing and you don’t know why
  • There is no clear leadership in providing a successful sales strategy
  • Sales reporting is inconsistent and not timely enough to be useful
  • You are not getting useful feedback about the competitiveness of your product or service
  • Sales management is ineffective

A clear sales strategy is critical to avoid unpredictable sales performances. Many businesses, particularly smaller businesses, find it very hard to predict sales or measure sales progress. Sales may happen eventually but often not at the time predicted in the sales forecast. This unpredictability means that it is hard to provide the right sized production capability to meet actual demand. This is particularly difficult and critical in areas of business that provide skilled services as these are the hardest to ramp up effectively on short notice. It is also very difficult for a smaller business that may only be available to afford one or two sales people, to discover that their hire was a mistake and that the sales person is not providing accurate forecasts or gathering effective sales information.

Sales Training

Symptoms that indicate you need to do something about this:

  • Sales force is not asking the right questions to qualify prospects early
  • Sales people lack confidence in your product and how it is sold
  • Sales results are down and you are not sure why
  • Sales management is not providing effective training to new hires

The training that Prodigm delivers is focused on winning the support and cooperation of the sales force in using the CRM system effectively for  the benefit of everyone.  We provide a level of introduction to the effective sales concepts that we support and implement.

Keywords: Crm System, Sales Management, Sales Reporting

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