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By: Practical Wellness Guide  09-12-2011
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Change your Patterns – Transform your Life

Tahitian Noni® Opportunity

In my 8 years of computer business career I’ve experienced reaching amazing heights as well as scary lows. In the last 3 years I’ve gone deep into many online and offline business ventures including a few in internet marketing (eProducts) and network marketing (mlm).

Network Marketing / MLMs

This category is a science onto itself. Each sub-category (uni-level, forced matrix, binary, break-away) has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most powerful attributes of all these algorithms is that they have Effort, Integrity, Value, and Commitment, as their core variables. It is also the only paradigm of money creation that has created the most millionaires in the least amount of time.

- [)anish /|hmed, blind visionary, from "Ten Algorithms of Money Creation"

Floyd Holdman, Photographer and TNI Millionaire, has met different people traveling all over the world and been in their homes. He says: "We may be different because of where we're born, and we may have different cultures and customs, but there's one common thread that connects us all. We all want to feel better. We all want to be fed and clothed, and we all want some kind of fulfillment in our lives. TNI can meet all those needs."

TNI can be the ladder that may allow people to climb out of their problems. And by helping them you will also be greatly benefited. You can help them with knowledge and assurance that you are offering them something real: scientifically established and proven products (it's the products that drive the system not the other way around), one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry (Dynamic Compensation Plan with Fast Start Program), a proven track record of 14+ years, strong leadership, and the knowledge that TNI is a company that offers goodness to all in its products and values. This is a company you can be proud of!

To succeed in this business you need to build trust and confidence of others. The easiest way to accomplish that is to have a genuine desire to be helpful and use your own voice (skills and talents) to deliver it. It all starts with a personal product experience and telling your story (step 1), then becoming educated about how do the products work so that you can effectively convey this information to new customers (step 2), and lastly live true to the TNI mission of helping everyone, everywhere, every day with Noni Bioactives (step 3).


In the US, 70% of Americans are overweight or obese — more than 200 million people. Obesity among children has tripled in the last 30 years. Globally, 23% of adults are overweight, almost a billion people, and that number is expected to double by 2030 to nearly half of all adults.

TNI has developed a program that helps you build muscle, lose fat, and achieve ideal body composition. It is designed to optimize nutrient absorption, build lean muscle, flush fat, satisfy hunger and ensure proper nutrition. The lean muscle is the most efficient fat-burning tissue.

Timing to Business is like Location to Real Estate. Your friends can hear about this from you, or you will hear about it from them. THIS IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY with a proven company and over $200M in product research & development.

You decide whether you want to be at the beginning of something, middle, or end of something big. It’s a ground floor opportunity. Just like Real Estate Boom and Internet Boom, this is the Health Boom!

My beginnings? With my part-time involvement and the learning the new business, in my first month I earned ~$50, and ~$500 in the second. With the amount of work involved, I could have comfortably stayed at the $500 level as all my customers to date are satisfied with the product, but once you see that the whole process is to simple, you just want to climb to the next level.

If you are an inspired entrepreneurial go-getter, TNI can help you reach the next level with plenty of support and minimum administration. It has produced over 200 Millionaires in total and at least 21 Millionaires since 2009. That averages out to one millionaire every month! Those that I met in person, in both business and private life, are the most fun and "good" people you can imagine. They help you every step of the way.

If you want to learn more and see how strong the Tahitian Noni® is in the market place, I urge you to listen in on a Business Opportunity LIVE teleconference call everyday at 9PM EST at 1.712.338.8000 (10 minutes). There is also a toll-free 3-minute pre-recorded call at 1.888.848.0247 if you want to quickly preview it out right now.

Don't miss being a part of this powerful wave. If not now then when??? If not this then what??? It is relatively easy to get to the point where you can support your monthly bills just from the part-time involvement in the Noni business. That means you get to enjoy your regular paycheque in full! Then if you a little work harder, within a few months you can go for gold - a dream lifestyle.

Customers are not just joining to fulfill their needs, but are looking to change their lives.

There are predatory businesses out there that are all about the system. Their strategy is to have the system pulling the products along [..]. However, with Tahitian Noni, it is the products driving the system. And this is the most powerful model.

If you can reach [customers] in their heart, the system will automatically follow. There is a limit to what you can reach with a system alone. But, if you are reaching the heart of the customer through the product, there are no limits.
- Norifumi Kanetsuna

Tahitian Noni International

Here is more of TNI Excellence in Numbers (yes, big time bragging!) for you: More than 100 Million 1L bottles of Tahitian Noni® Original have been sold with 20 bottles sold every minute, TNI operates in 75 countries and holds 52 global patents on products, development and processing, and there are fewer than 10 companies in modern history who can claim to rival TNI’s hypergrowth (source: Griffin Hill Consulting).

$500 is the average monthly income of TNI’s first leadership position (Jade) – one of the industry’s highest, $100,000,000 is the quantity of incentives and recognition paid to TNI IPC’s in addition to the recognized industry-best revenue sharing plan, Sales of TNI sales since inception 1996 is passing $4.5 Billion, out of which $2.2 Billion was paid out in commissions to IPC’s, over 200 millionaires attribute their success completely to TNI, and there are over 4000 individuals were sent on all-expense-paid trips to Tahiti.

Wait, there is more! Tahitian Noni International:

  • Markets an exclusive, first-of-its-kind product
  • Possesses a rich history that goes back over 2,000 years
  • Is backed by verifiable research attesting to its benefits
  • Is the dominant brand in its category
  • Is the fastest growing company starting in the last 20 years
  • Is financially rock-solid
  • Is led by a team of highly educated, extremely experienced, and value based professionals
  • Has a seamless marketing plan that crosses borders around the world
  • Gave you the opportunity to financially benefit from the future growth of that company

Questions and Answers

If you have further questions, please contact me and I will get you the answers. Below are the some questions you may have about network marketing business opportunities.

Why Did You Choose Tahitian Noni International?

I’ve done my deep due diligence on the company and tested the products for a few months. After 7 years in IT business and then another 3 in researching many other business models, I’ve became absolutely convinced beyond any doubt that MLM model is the one. It is clean and solid with pre-eminent purpose of selling massive quantities of quality products by word-of-mouth while paying network distributors what they are truly worth.

Many high profile athletes, business people, and celebrities are religiously using Noni to be at their best at what they do. I too share such experience.

Finally based on my business experience, first offline computer business and then a lot of online Internet Marketing work (see my Wealth Products section), I’ve chosen a high quality Health product over consumer electronics, collectibles, or financial options. It made more sense to me.

I’m not suggesting that these can’t work for people who are passionate about those things, but I think that Health is something that everyone really needs right now. Extras such as plenty of support and coaching, research and documentation, endorsements and testimonials make this business worth your having a closer look.

Tell me more about why you think Tahitian Noni business is so good

It takes a well-documented, highly endorsed, quality product that really works, is in great demand, can effectively meet the demand, and above all features a product that you are passionate about and believe in.

Thus it also takes a well-documented company that stands behind its brand and product, provides a simple to follow duplicatable system, plenty of support and coaching, has very low start-up costs, and makes it really simple to cancel and get your investment money back within the first 90 days.

Every business is in sales in order to survive. Every business needs to pay for advertising in some form or another. TNI picks, processes, researches, documents and bottles the fruit, then uses knowledgeable representatives and referral marketing for advertising.

Tahitian Noni International gets my personal top score for Integrity & Ethics. It features: harmony among distributors, respected corporate leaders, level playing field, high ethical standards, balanced and rewarding compensation plan, quality products that are in-demand and competively priced, potential for longetivity, globally seamless marketing plan, no more than average attrition, breaks all sales records, and outpaces majority of traditional corporations worldwide.

Minimum business administration (no inventory, shipping, payroll, office, call centre, marketing materials, etc.) is the icing on the cake.

It costs too much and I don’t have any money

You can start your own business, but it almost always involves a lot of commitment (time, money, education, skills) and risk (timing, luck, marketing, contacts, etc.). Don’t even get me going about other options such as Lottery, Stocks, Currency Trading, Import/Export, etc – you need either a lot of money to play or a lot of luck.

For less than a coffee a day (that you won’t need anyway once using Noni), some simple duplicatable work, and plenty of rebates and easily-achievable bonuses you can turn your situation around pretty quickly. There is a way you can get your own product for free each month – is that valuable? Can you really put a price on health? Simple maintenance is a lot cheaper than multiple medications and complicated repairs – I think.

Is this a Pyramid?

Tahitian Noni has two divisions: 13% in Network Marketing and 87% is Direct Sales (Ordering) of a health product, where you can save money by paying wholesale prices. This is great for people who just want to help other people living healthy and don’t care about making any extra money.

But a Residual Income is really nice to have. Consider Elvis Presley who recorded his songs once and now makes money from the grave for every CD sold or mp3 download. With residual income business you get paid all night, weekends and holidays, while on vacation or when you get old.

Here is a great illustration of my experience with network marketing in real life that happened to me the other day: On the weekend I recommended a restaurant to 15 people at the conference, they ALL loved it, 1 person thanked me, another person told me she will bring her friends – that’s great and I felt good, but will the restaurant pay me commission for all this? Nope.

I Like My J.O.B. as it is

Personally, I am not a fan of a 9-5 j.o.b. at a large corporation with a boss at the top and me with an employee id number at the bottom, where you trade your time for money, and the moment that you stop – well you know. How long can you go without an income? With residual income business you get paid all night, weekends, holidays, while on vacation or when you get old.

You can also try to be in business all by yourself, but trust me from my experience – it’s a lot of extra work you really don’t need to do. With Network Marketing you can be a millionaire in 1-3 years if you really work the duplicatable system.

Over the last 2 years I learned over and over from many entrepreneurs that you need to find your niche, work on it until success (or until it’s proven otherwise), and then start something new – ie. don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Although many people continue working their primary niche, because it can be very rewarding (and no longer all about the money, money, money).

Again on a personal note, you should be passionate about the niche you choose, as only then you will be truly genuine and come across that way. Ultimately passion and personality are the key to success – I’ve learned that from successful millionaires. Whether it’s strangers or your friends, you simply want everyone to know about a way to healthy and joyous living.

Finally, look at chips or soft drinks industry. It’s sooo bad for you and they make tons of money, much of it as by a word-of-mouth (or eye-on-mouths) marketing. Why not promote a Health product that’s actually good for you and more and more people seek everyday.

Final Word

Final note on trading your time for money is this: Time invested wisely gives you W.I.S.H. – Wealth, Self Improvement, Spiritual Growth and personal Happiness! Time invested poorly gives you F.A.D. – frustration, anxiety and debt! Your choice.

Make it Happen!

Kamil (Chris)
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