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By: Pool Mates  09-12-2011
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This weekly service includes the following: skimming and cleaning the surface of the pool and waterline, vacuuming the pool, the testing and adjusting of chemical levels, filling automatic chlorine feeders, cleaning skimmer and pump baskets, adding salt (if applicable) and backwashing of the filter.  All chemicals and parts supplied will be invoiced in addition to the weekly vacuum charge.

Thisbi-weekly service includes the same services as the weekly vacuum calls.  Chemicals and parts supplied will be invoiced in addition to the bi-weekly vacuum charge. 


This service provides a short term (i.e. vacation) or one off vacuum call.   This call is for those customers who are not part of our weekly service program.  In the spring, this service is usually performed within a couple of days of the start-up call.  During the summer, this will make sure your pool is maintained while you are on holidays.  It is possible that more than one call will be necessary to get your pool clean.  Pool Mates will provide all necessary chemicals and parts and those will be invoiced separately from the vacuum call charge.


1.    Opening Part 1: Winter Cover Removal: This service includes cleaning and draining the cover, as well as folding it for summer storage.  We also clean the waterline and coping; perform a water test, mounting the deck equipment, de-winterize the filter, heater, pump, salt system (if applicable).  All chemicals and parts provided will be additionally invoiced.  An additional charge may apply if the pool is excessively green or leaf ridden. IF SYSTEM START-UP REQUIRED, REFER TO #2.

2.    Opening Part2: System Start Up:  This service includes the following: starting up & checking the pump, an overall check of the general operation of the pool and adding any chemicals if necessary.  Chemicals will be supplied and invoiced separately from the start-up fee.  This start-up includes a light vacuuming of the pool (Note:  In some cases, at least 2 calls will be necessary to get the pool clean) but not servicing or lighting the heater.  Only a TSSA approved licensed gas fitter can perform this service.  (We can provide a name and phone number)

Complete Winterizing: Includes lowering of the water level, uninstalling deck equipment (if applicable), adjusting chemical balances if necessary, blowing out the lines, winterizing the heater, pump, and filter; adding chlorine and algaecide, installing the winter cover.  We do a basic cleanup of the pool but if a more extensive cleanup is required, an additional surcharge will apply.  Please note that we include the cost of up to 20L chlorine and the algaecide in the winterizing but any other parts and chemicals will be additionally charged.





Keywords: Chlorine, Pool, pump, Vacuum