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By: Polaris Learning  09-12-2011
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Polaris Learning Centre offers one-on-one tutoring by Ontario Certified teachers for students in Kindergarten to university entrance. This curriculum-focused tutoring is designed for students of all learning backgrounds who seek enrichment in any subject within the Ontario curriculum. Polaris Learning Centre also offers test preparation, and organizational skills in addition to assistance with essay writing and university applications. Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) instruction is offered throughout the year, including interviewing and test-taking skills.

homework club

This drop-in service is designed for students who want a quiet working environment to complete their homework, independently of a tutor. Students will still have the advantage of having an Ontario Certified Teacher on-hand if questions or concerns arise about their schoolwork.


This service connects tutors at Polaris Learning Centre with their students’ homeroom teachers. This regular correspondence ensures a balance between in-class work and tutoring lessons.


Are you and your teenager conflicting about:

  • Responsibilities?
  • Study habits?
  • Organization?
  • Attitude?
  • Respect?
  • This unique mediation gives parents and their teenagers an opportunity to collaborate and create positive solutions to these on-going issues. The final mediated agreement gives teenagers a structure to follow and a sense of responsibility, allowing for success to grow in their academic life and helping increase their self-esteem.

    Keywords: Certified Teacher, Learning Centre, mediation, Tutoring