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By: Platypus Billing System  09-12-2011
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The release of Platypus 7.0 brings new features along with bug fixes and performance improvements. Platypus now includes:

  • Wombat Helpdesk is now included: Wombat Helpdesk is now a standard part of Platypus and no longer available as a standalone option. Tighter integration provides additional functionality that blurs the line between billing and customer care. New features will include tickets on services, enhanced scheduling and more.
  • Service Based Radius Integration: Radius integrations have been updated to work with services, enforce bandwidth control, provide an easy way to redirect users to a captive portal for payment and manage user attributes.
  • Service Addresses: Services can now have service addresses attached for better location reporting.
  • That's in addition to a long list of features like:

    • Payment Gateway Integration: Platypus integrates with over 50 different credit card payment gateways right out of the box as well as the NACHA Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.
    • Recurring Billing for any type of Service: Platypus can be configured for a variety of payment and billing options including usage-based or standard fixed-fee billing plans.
    • Customer Self-care Web Interface: Easily setup a complete, customizable customer management gateway with Platypus that gives customers the ability to manage their own accounts including the ability to add services or change tiers, view invoices and trouble tickets or update contact information and billing information.
    • Fully Configurable: Rather than you having to adapt to it, Platypus can be configured to the unique requirements of your business.
    • Reporting: Platypus uses Seagate's Crystal Reports for reporting, giving you powerful customizable reports. A report wizard walks you quickly through the steps of printing a report, with a variety of options such as date and user ranges. You can modify our reports to tailor them to your business, or create your own using Crystal Reports (not included). Over 100 reports are delivered, including: Accounting, Customer Tracking and Rate Reports.
    • Security: Custom-tailor security to fit your business model. Read-only access and write-only access can be given to customer data, and every form has its own customizable security level. All staff actions are logged for auditing, and transmissions between Platypus and the authentication user manager are fully encrypted.

    Keywords: Billing, Customer Management, Platypus

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