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By: Pitney Bowes Software  09-12-2011

Organizations around the world are quickly realizing that data is a corporate asset, very similar to how they define their products and employees as assets. Managing these data assets can unlock potential opportunities or identify areas of risk across various operational and analytical processes within the organization. The right approach to customer data can help locate new opportunities, connect with customers and communicate more efficiently. Often, however, organizations have trouble defining customers and their needs due to inaccurate, inaccessible and incomplete data when making business decisions. Multiple product definitions, for example, can cause significant supply chain delays that can be very costly for organizations, while inaccurate location information can increase the risk exposure for property and casualty companies. The same inaccurate location information can also cause significant delays in cash billing conversion rates.

Improve targeting, streamline operations and enhance end-to-end business performance. Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s comprehensive set of solution offerings help you better govern your data and information assets, significantly improve and maintain the quality of those assets and deliver enriched information that optimizes your business processes across the enterprise.

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Pitney Bowes Business Insight allows you to deliver a truly high-impact, personalized, end-to-end experience to your customer base by identifying, differentiating, targeting and interacting with your customers in innovative, insightful ways to maximize revenue, profitability and satisfaction.


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