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Apart from our edibles and accessories, Pet Cuisine also offers professional grooming services as well as a fun and inviting daycare and boarding service for your urban pets.  Please feel free to contact one of our staff for more details about us, and what we provide.

Doggie Daycare+Boarding (24h)

This is an excellent alternative to staying home alone while the family goes to work or school. Daycare can be a great solution for a dog with separation anxiety, the youngster with tons of energy, or the older dog who needs special attention. It gives an opportunity to release energy, be social, and have fun. Daycare can help with nuisance behaviours resulting from boredom, lack of energy and social interaction.

During their stay with us, your dog will be free to run and socialize in a controlled and open cage free environment.  For dogs that are in for boarding of up to 24 hours, 3 walks per day (morning, afternoon, and evening) are included as part of our service. Daycare dogs are also provided with walks twice a day. Pets may be crated for a short time during their stay for purposes of cleaning and feeding. 

Please Note - Daycare hours are during normal business hours. However, early drop off prior to 10am is available by contacting our staff prior to the day of drop-off. Typical early morning drop-off hours are 8 and 9am.  Please call us at 416-507-9968 in order to book your appointment!

Self-Service Bath

Want to wash your pet but dont want to make a mess in your bathroom? Pet Cuisine offers a self-service bath for those who want to do it themselves.  Price includes the use of our facility including a large tub, blow dryer, shampoo, and towels! Price - $20.99


Our trained, professional groomers offer one-on-one grooming sessions for all clients, eliminating extended stays at the salon and creating a focused and attentive environment. This allows the groomer to pay more attention to your pet's needs.

All grooms include a Spa-like bath & blow dry, 1 hr brush-out, nails, ears, face, feet & tail, and a breed specific full body haircut. A-la-carte options and add-ons are available as well, either separately, or along with a full groom. Please refer to our grooming policies below.

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To our valued Pet Cuisine customers

Late and Cancellation Grooming Policy

We are very happy to accommodate your busy schedule and adjust to your needs. With this in mind, please refer to our Pet Cuisine Late & Cancellation Policies prior to booking your appointment.


If you are running late, please call to notify us. If the groomer does not have another appointment following your session, the groomer may be able to wait. If the groomer does have a session after yours, and you are more than 30mins late, your appointment will be forfeited and a cancellation fee will be charged.


If you fail to show for, or cancel within 24 hours of your grooming appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $25 on your credit card. If you cancel 24 hours ahead of the appointment, there will be no charge.

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