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Our Personal Trainers are industry leaders who are experienced and qualified to use resistance machines, free weights, power bands and other forms of sports related or specific exercises to get you in shape and looking great. Fitness baseline testing, exercise program design, result testing and motivational instruction are client specific and will be performed at:

a) your training facility or on site

b) at our satellite gyms in the downtown area

c) or within your own homePersonal Fitness Consulting takes pride on delivering an excellent, high quality service at a fair price. Special considerations and packages will be considered to service clients with specific needs.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss options and set up initial consultations.

One-On-One In Home Personal Training

Professional Trainer
Clients who want an excellent workout who have no complications or major past injuries should use this level of personal trainer. These personal trainers have excellent knowledge of exercise and form and can contribute to helping people reach their goals effectively and efficiently.

Elite Trainer

Clients who want an excellent workout who may perhaps have some complications or past injuries should use this level of personal trainer. These personal trainers have worked with many clients and have designed programs to work around certain injuries. They also have experience in rehabilitating injuries such as: lower back weakness/soreness; rotator cuff issues; high blood pressure or blood lipid levels; metabolic or other physiological problems.

(with two or more people)

Tandem training is a fun way to get great results together. As a couple training (or a small group), you will receive the same custom service that suit your needs. Each session will be an exciting one hour  in length which will be a mix of exercises that will encourage each individual to achieve maximum results. We guarantee a great workout session with a friend or a partner -  at an affordable rate.

At Personal Fitness Consulting, we believe that everyone can improve in their health. We have the experience and successful track record to help you. Regardless of whether you are already active and looking for direction to the next level or someone who is looking to start physical activity, we can develop the appropriate exercise plans to meet your fitness goals.

Pre-Wedding Fitness

Feel confident that we will help you get fit for your special day. A tailor made exercises program, will not only help you get toned and fit but help you manage stress levels leading up to and post wedding day. We recommend that you start as soon as possible to get the maximum results that you deserve for your special day.

No equipment necessary! We bring all test and fitness equipment on-site and  show employees how to work out safely to maximize results in a short period of time.

Step 1

We perform complete on-site fitness evaluations including cardiovascular testing, muscular strength, endurance, power, flexibility, body composition.

Step 2

We review the results of the exercise test and discuss goals with your employees. Next we design, and workout your employee(s) to show them the optimal intensity for maximum results.

Step 3

Provide on-going follow ups and fitness motivation in the form of corporate teams, games and other motivational techniques specific to your corporate environment.

Also available are lectures and workshops on many current topics regarding health and fitness such as self defence, nutrition, fat loss and healthy eating, circuit training, pilates and yoga.

Professional Athletic Coaching

If you are looking for a professional trainer, we have qualified professionals (CSCS) who offer sports coaching to maintain your preseason, during, or off season fitness. We can improve your game through the various stages of your conditioning program that is designed specifically for your sport.

Physical Treatments and Exercises

We can design personalized exercise treatments to facilitate your recovery from physical ailments such as joint weakness or lower back pain. Our certified professionals can also help you improve your flexibility and health especially if you are dealing with osteoarthritis, spondylothesis, or hypertension. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your health related issues and how we can improve on your overall health.

On-Site (film or movie) Personal Training

We offer a diverse selection of on site personal training to cater to your fitness needs. By providing you with services on film sets, at your hotel, at corporate functions, or other special events, we can offer you individualized and professional fitness services and advice.  During the personal training, we can also supply you with portable benches, exercise balls, adjustable free weights, balance boards, and core stability devices.

Condominium Services

We have a team of experienced and skilled trainers who can offer a complete array of personal fitness services that cater to you and your residence.  Our one-on-one training services is available to a wide range of clientele from young children to senior citizens.  We are also fully certified and insured for liabilities.

In Home Nutritional Planning & Fitness Assessment

Personal Fitness Consulting will do a present analysis on your eating habits calculating current caloric consumption, protein balance, carbohydrate in take, Vitamin deficiencies etc. Next, we will provide you with a new eating plan incorporating your past eating habits to best suit your goals. Whether that is to lose weight or gain muscle, our programs will specifically outline what you need to eat to get the results you deserve.

Physical fitness encompasses cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Testing these components is important for many reasons. First, it establishes current levels of fitness providing the exerciser with an idea as to how 'in shape' or physically fit they are. This baseline testing also helps the individual determine his or her strengths and areas for improvement. An exercise plan for action and goal setting are all based on the fitness assessment. Baseline testing ensures that progress with an exercise program is measurable and quantifiable.

One Hundred's Program

Need a change to your program?
Try our 100's routine, it is quick, challenging and a nice way to break up your routine. Program designed for intermediate fitness level participants. Also, you should consult your physician before starting any exercise routine to determine a clear bill of health.

100 Jumping jacks
100 skip rope
100 counts of plank on floor
50 squats
50 bicep curls
50 squats (wider stance)
50 hammer curls
25 single leg dead lifts
50 triceps kickbacks or extensions
25 single leg dead lifts
50 triceps kickbacks or extensions
100 jumping jacks
100 skip rope

We offer one on one fitness coaching to increase co-ordination, dexterity, agility, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. We can tailor specific programs for children ages 8 to 18 to help them excel in their sport of choice such as basketball, tennis, and soccer. We also have experience with children who have health related issues such as hypertension, high body mass index, asthma and other physical related illnesses. We would be more than happy to discuss with you how we can help your child.

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

If your child is under the age of 16, we can issue you a receipt so you can put in a claim for the new Children's Fitness Tax Credit. It covers fees of up to $500 a year for parents with children participating in physical activity programs and was effective January 1, 2007. Physical activities which are eligible include those that contribute to cardio-respiratory endurance plus one or more of: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and balance. For children 10 and younger, activities have to be at least 30 minutes long while those for older children should be at least 60. In order for the program to be eligible, it must be eight weeks long and provide for at least one session per week.

The personal trainers at Personal Fitness Consulting are highly educated towards the theoretical concepts of building muscle (muscle hypertrophy). In building lean body tissue (muscle) there are many variables to be considered. It is not just what exercise to perform but how much weight of your one repetition max, sets, reps, rest period, volumes of activity, and rest periods. Protein and proper nutritional consumption are also very important with regards to building muscle, and we address these issues throughout the entire exercise plan. Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can get results for you in the shortest time frame possible!


Personal Fitness Consulting offers a variety of martial arts and self-defense training. From traditional aikido to modern sport karate, our martial arts sessions have been developed to offer easy and flexible self-defense training for today's world. Based on techniques from the Far East, our self-defense sessions offer one on one instruction or group sessions with practical applications, which incorporate highly effective self-defense techniques.


Prenatal exercise routines can help you with the success of your delivery! Post natal exercises are also available to get you back in shape after your delivery. With prenatal exercises, the focus would be on abdominal strength and cardiovascular endurance, which is very important for your child delivery. Alternatively, strength in your core, legs and arms are important post natal exercises to prepare you physically for raising your child. There are precautions that must be addressed while performing a pre and post natal exercise routine, so let the expertise of Personal Fitness Consulting design you an exercise routine that ensures your safety while helping you increase your energy level and improve the strength in your core, legs, and arms.

Prenatal exercise routines can help you with the success of your delivery!
• Focus: Abdominal strength and cardiovascular endurance for your child delivery. You’ll also notice increase in your energy levels.
Post natal exercises also available to get you back in shape.
• Focus: Strength in your core, legs and arms to prepare you physically for raising your child and increase daily energy.

Shopping for the Right Gear

Not only can we recommend the proper apparel and equipment that you will need to fully enjoy your chosen activity, we now offer a service that includes purchasing those selections and delivering them to you. Whether that would be cycling through Italy or hiking in B.C., we can assist you with making the proper attire choices.

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