Pentego Managed Services

By: Pentego Technologies  09-12-2011
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Pentego Managed Services

Peace of mind for your critical business systems with Pentego Managed Services providing automated

system integrity and data protection


Based on Viewintus, the proven change detection and correction technology developed by Pentego, you will benefit from an assortment of data protection processes including:

  • Data Integrity Assurance: A process that scans your vital systems and data to ensure there has been no corruption or unauthorized changes, changes that can otherwise take hours or even days to correct if done manually. With Data Integrity Assurance from Pentego Managed Services, any changes to any files will be detected, reported, and if desired, automatically restored.
  • Data Backup & Restore: Fully automated backup process ensures all your critical business data is protected from accidental or malicious disasters. With Backup & Restore from Pentego Managed Services, you can rest assured that your backups are reliable. And, should the need arise; a complete system restore is easily achieved.
  • Package & Patch Management: The ongoing maintenance of system patches and application software can be a laborious and error prone process. With Viewintus however, the tasks associated with the creation, distribution and identification of updates, patches and application software has never been so easy. The traditional worries associated with the distribution & management of software can be a thing of the past.
  • Software License Monitor: A simple, fast and easy to use process that will identify all licensed and unlicensed software that is installed on any of your computers. The Software License Monitor will assist you in determining how many annual license subscriptions are actually needed, supporting your efforts to reduce your overall IT operational budget while ensuring compliance.

Doing business in the digital world offers many benefits, but unfortunately, today?s digital world includes virus infections, Trojan attacks, computer hackers and many other threats to the data that your business depends upon. So, ask yourself one simple question;

How bad would it be if you lost all your data?

The reality is that most businesses could not function without immediate access to their data. Client lists, financial and accounting information, employee records and business proposals are critical to ongoing stability and profitability. As a business owner, you understand the need to protect your critical business information. As a provider of data protection services, so do we.

Pentego's Managed Services are armor plating for your data. Pentego uses a specialized

System Integrity and Data Protection

software called Viewintus. Viewintus watches over your systems to ensure that all your programs and data are protected against accidental or malicious damage.

Why do so many businesses turn to Pentego to protect their critical data?

  • Fast and simple recovery of corrupted or lost data: as we keep your data available at all times, we can begin a full restore in a matter of minutes. Even if you misplaced a single business proposal, Viewintus can fully restore it quickly and with very little effort.
  • Impacts to project timelines due to data loss are significantly reduced: if data critical to any of your projects has been lost or accidentally overwritten, Viewintus can restore the lost data almost immediately.
    • Automatically correct defaced Internet web servers: by utilizing the Viewintus DeltaGuard scanner, automated policies can monitor and automatically correct any change to the content of your website. No more manual checking and correcting your public image.
    • Restoration of back-up data is simple: utilizing backup media such as tapes or DVDs can result in backups that, for any number of reasons, will fail during a restore. They should also be stored securely offsite, which means that you have to make arrangements to get them returned. With Pentego Managed Services, your data is automatically securely stored in a RAID 5 database that is available 24x7. Result? Peace of mind with increased security, availability and assurance that a restore will be successful.

Keywords: Software License

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