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By: Pentego Technologies  09-12-2011
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View i ntus Patch Manager

Today’s information technology managers struggle to meet the demands of users urgently awaiting the delivery of operating system or application patches. The users are frequently requesting status on the delivery of these patches as they often have tight deadlines depending on the installation of these patches. The delivery of operating system and application level patches to existing system, servers, and workstations can be very taxing on information technology managers as they have limited resources in which to deliver these patches.

In addition to the sometimes heavy user expectations, software vendors have been known to release patches very frequently. It is not unrealistic to see critical security patches for operating systems released daily. These patches can be different for each version of same operating system. Worse still, some applications require older versions of the operating system, information technology managers are stuck in the middle supporting old applications that require old operating systems and the need to meet security requirements of their own information security department. Clearly, deployment of so many patches causes considerable stress for today’s information technology manager.

The continued success of most organizations is directly or least, indirectly linked to how efficiently the information technology department can manage the organizations technology assets to increase productivity and enhance business continuity. With increases in marketplace competition and decreases in project budgets, organizations must regularly update their internal processes and procedures to deliver efficient asset management services to their organization.

The Viewintus Patch Manager is designed for organizations with information technology networks that are simple and complex, large and small. The basic principle that all executives demand is simple; Deliver the patches on time. The Viewintus Patch Manager does just that. Once the deployment of patch has been approved, simply select the system, server, or workstation that the patch is destined for, and apply it with the click of a button. The Viewintus Job Scheduler takes care of delivering it immediately. Once done, a quick deployment check can verify that is was installed successfully.

Do you need to install bulk bundles of patches? Or perhaps you need to define a patch that was internally developed; It does not matter, with the The Viewintus Patch Manager, you simply select the objects that make up the patch and it is ready to be delivered to as many systems, servers, or workstations as needed. Once the patch has been defined, simply apply it with a click of a button and again, the The Viewintus Job Scheduler takes care of delivering it.

The Viewintus Patch Manager is built on top of the ViewIntus DeltaGuard base and takes advantage of the intelligent object identification features of DeltaGuard. This eliminates the transmission of duplicate objects, files, and executables while at the same time reducing the network bandwidth requirements when a patch is being delivered.

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