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By: Pegasus  09-12-2011
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Pegasus offers day activity programs to adults who have a developmental disability, which may encompass Autism Spectrum Disorders, and includes people who have mobility challenges, medical needs, or emotional challenges. Participants have a variety of individual support needs.

Pegasus embraces the concept of person centred planning. We work with each person to create a schedule of activities and supports that is as individualized as possible withing a group context.

There a two service branches: Aquarius and Phoenix.

Aquarius and Phoenix programs are similar in that they both:

  • are informed by the belief that all people, with proper support, will grow and develop, and learn to adapt to their life circumstances
  • are based in the local community, and participants contribute to and are a vital part of everyday community life.
  • are located in Parks and Recreation facilities, or a Community Centre, both of which facilitate community inclusion
  • offer a very wide range of social, educational, and physical activities
  • emphasize activities which promote participation in community life, skill development, life skills, and fitness
  • offer experiences and social coaching which encourage personal and emotionalgrowth
  • offer opportunities to broaden one's horizons, for example through exploration of new activities and areas of the city, arts approciation, drama class
  • offer opportunities to volunteer in the community, for example, helping to maintain public gardens, delivering local newspapers
  • offer the opportunity to work in the Pegasus Thrift Store
  • offer the opportunity to create items in the Studio program, and to hold sales to offer these items to the public

Phoenix offers an opportunity to explore volunteer and employment interests. It thus offers job experience at local businesses and volunteer and employment interests. It thus offers job experience at local businesses and volunteer organizations, jobs coaching and mentoring. The ideal Phoenix participant has the personal interest as well as the family support to learn skills and attitudes that lead to greater independence in the community.

Aquarius participants are also offered many opportunities to continue to grow and become more self-reliant. Generally they require significant levels of personal or medical support, and supervision.

Membership in Phoenix and Aquarius can be flexible as we are committed to adapting to changing needs.

Staffing: All program staff have a minimum of two years post secondary education and experience working in the field. On site training is intensive. All staff are certified in CPR, First Aid and Crisis Prevention Intervention.

Volunteers often make unique program contributions. Pegasus offers a high level of support to its program volunteers and they are welcomed as part of the Staff team.



  • Beaches Recreation Centre
    6 Williamson Road
  • Matty Eckler Community Centre (Pape Recreation Centre)
    953 Gerrard Street East
  • S. H. Armstrong Community Centre, 56 Woodfield Road

Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Family Support

Many adults with developmental disabilities continue to live at home with their parents, and they continue to access other services in the community and to explore options for the future. Pegasus acts as a liaison and assists them to negotiate the service delivery system and to use available resource creatively.

Community Outreach

We firmly believe that all community members enrich each other and that the Pegasus participants enhance our east end Toronto communities. We - the participants, Board members, employees, volunteers - engage in many activities to increase interaction among all parties and to give everyone the wonderful opportunity to get acquainted. Our Thrift Store, our two yearly gatherings, the spring parade in the Beach are some of the many ways we engage with our community.

These community connections make our agency unique and bring life to the programs themselves.


Pegasus participants pay a fee for their service. The rest of the costs are covered by partial funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services and a great amount of fundraising and private donations. Pegasus is a 100% not for profit agency. The fee is used entirely to cover expenses of program delivery.

If you would like to apply to be a member of Pegasus Community Project, please download the application below.

Keywords: Thrift Store