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By: Pdu Engineering  09-12-2011
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PDU Engineering offers engineering solutions starting from a concept and a cost estimate through to detailing the project.

Plant design, upgrade, modifications

Working together with the client, we look at all aspects of an application before we propose a method of approaching the project. Cost effective technical solutions with value engineering and practicality is our aim when starting a new project, whether is a completely new plant, or upgrading an existing one.

Plant Design                                                    

Upgrading an existing plant is probably the most common situation a plant operator or owner would come across when deciding to increase the competitiveness in the market. This can be achived by: introducing a range of new products, improving the quality of existing products, increasing the throughput or other approaches.

The success  of a new project relies on a good concept which offers practical solutions, employs good engineering which will materialize in low operating costs, ease of maintenance and the possibility of upgrading and increasing the throughput when the need arises.

We are taking all these aspects into consideration from day one of developing the concept.

Equipment design

Whether is a dedicated machinery or an installation, using our experience combined with good knowledge of  3D and 2D CAD, various engineering software for FEA, dust collection, belt conveyors, pumping, etc, we can offer  practical engineering solutions for your projects.

  Concept Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Cost estimates

PDU Engineering has worked with clients from various industries and has prepared studies of various complexities starting from offering a technical solution & cost estimate of the engineering component to a complete economic analysis, cash flow, market assessment, and cost/benefit evaluation. These projects were mainly for heavy industry, but also agriculture, energy- power generation, bio-diesel.

We put our efforts in offering value engineering in our concepts.  The benefits of preparing cost estimates and concepts before embarking on significant investments are always appreciated as the project progresses with minimum unexpected additional expenses or time extensions.

Detail Engineering

As the project progresses to detail engineering, specifications based on calculations and equipment selection are being developed, together with detailed drawings for fabrication.

On site troubleshooting, equipment assessment

 Following a plant inspection and discussions with the plant operators we can make an assessment on the installation condition and prepare reports outlining a procedure to address the faults, deficiencies or other problems identified.

 We have offered trouble shooting services for conveying systems, bag house - dust collection, tunnel ventilation and de-watering, pollution control, fatigue failures, chutes wear, vibration problems, errors in accurate pointing devices, stackers and other types of equipments.

  FEA, 3D modeling & Prototype design

Intensive use of  3D modeling, FEA and own engineering procedures, is our method of designing a machinery or installation. Some of the projects have started from a blank sheet of paper and a project requirement and were completed as a working machine.

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Keywords: Engineering