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By: Pay Benefits  09-12-2011

Whether you’re just starting out or an
established firm, we can solve your
biggest challenges by integrating a
complete human resource, benefits,
and payroll administration package.

Your business has grown beyond family and friends and now you need lots more than love

to keep your employees happy! What now?

Business is flourishing and you expect to hire additional employees at a rapid pace. The new

hire paperwork is mounting and difficult to keep track of, your benefit plan needs to be

enhanced to attract skilled workers and your payroll preparation has become a nightmare.

Your business is expanding into several new states and you will be hiring employees in those

locations. You don’t have any idea who to call to establish workers’ compensation coverage,

how to handle out-of-state wages and taxes, or if your medical plan has multi-state coverage.

A big contract has just been awarded to your company and now you need to attract some

top-notch employees. You haven’t shopped for a benefits package yet, and quickly getting

up-to-speed with all the employee compliance regulations plus finding somebody to

administer it all is not even on your radar screen.

Keeping accurate records that detail hours worked on projects for different departments within

your company is difficult. The time it takes to prepare reports with the correct figures is not


Company HR policies are not clearly defined and have resulted in some employee issues that

have become extremely time consuming and expensive, particularly if you’ve had to get an HR

attorney involved. You clearly need an employee handbook but no one on your staff has the

time or expertise to complete it.

You have not been successful in finding a medical plan that fits the needs of your employees.

Offering a 401(k) plan, flex plan, and/or COBRA benefits has also proven to be a major

financial and administrative hurdle.

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