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By: Passmax  09-12-2011

June 2012 CFA® Level II: Complete Preparation

This is our most comprehensive preparation program for the CFA® Level II exam. The first segment of the prep will consist of a regular weekly lecture series that's held every Sunday. Each of these sessions will run for 6 hours, thus ensuring coverage of the entire CFA Level II curriculum. After the lecture series has been completed, candidates will attend a series of question workshops. These workshops will cover the more technical and difficult questions which are included in the CFA curriculum. Following the question workshops, candidates will sit in and write a 6 hour mock exam. Finally, on exam day, candidates will be provided with our exclusive "Exam Day Support" services.


I.    Orientation Session: Saturday January 14, 2012
II.   Weekly Lecture Series: Sunday January 22, 2012 – April 15, 2012
III.  Super Review: Friday April 27 to Monday April 30, 2012
III.  Weekly Question Workshops:  Sunday May 6 – Sunday May 20, 2012
IV.  Mock Exam:  Saturday May 26, 2012
V.   CFA® Exam Day Support: Saturday June 2, 2012

University of Toronto (Downtown campus)

(To be announced)

Fee: $949
This fee covers over 78 hours of lecture time, 28 hours of super review, 18 hours of question workshops, a 6 hour mock exam session, and finally, our Exam Day Support services.   

While advanced registration is required in order to attend our sessions, enrollment fees are not due until the beginning of the 3rd weekly lecture.  This gives you the opportunity to attend our first two sessions for free before deciding if PASSMAX is right for you. 

Furthermore, with our ONE FEE TILL PASS POLICY, you’ll never have to pay PASSMAX an additional fee until you PASS the CFA® Level II exam.  
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