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Keywords: Retina

Eye Examinations

A full eye exam includes:

· Patient Medical and Visual History

· Automated/ Computerized Pre-Testing

o Autorefraction, autokeratometry, non-contact tonometry, and available Digital retinal photography.

· Subjective refraction

o A precise measurement of your glasses prescription

· Cover tests/ EOMs

o Binocular vision testing and eye muscle testing

· Slit lamp examination

o A microscopic examination of the anterior structures of the eye

· Direct and Indirect ophthalmoscopy

o Examination of the internal structures of the eye including the retina, nerve and vitreous.

· Patient Counselling

o We discuss the results with you, so you understand what to expect and the plan of action.

· Miscellaneous Tests

o These test are done when it is deemed necessary

§ Colour vision testing

§ Dilated fundus examination

§ Automated visual fields testing

§ Stereovision tests

§ Amsler Grid

§ Fluorescene stain

§ Others

Retinal Photography
This highly recommended procedure allows doctors to have a high resolution image of the inside of your eye. Retinal Digital Photography is a sophisticated instrument allowing for advanced primary eye care. Using digital camera technology the instrument is able to capture a detailed picture of the retina (the back of the eye) that can be electronically stored. This enables superior diagnostic capability and is an excellent method to monitor long term eye health.

Automated Visual Fields
Our office is equipped with a Goldman perimeter. A Visual Field Analyzer is a specialized instrument used to provide information essential to both diagnosing and monitoring the progression of ocular diseases. This computerized instrument accurately assesses a patient’s peripheral or side vision. Visual field testing is used in the diagnosis of many ocular and neurological conditions, and is the gold standard for monitoring glaucoma.

A measurement of your corneal thinkness. This is required to ensure you are a candidate for Lasik. And allows for proper assessment of you internal ocular pressures (IOP).

Referrals and Emergencies
Our clinic is associated with the best ophthalmologist in the Toronto area. If your eye care requires a specialist, our office will arrange one for you.

Keywords: Retina

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