Plexiglass Cleaner & Scratch Remover - Product Details

By: Parasol  09-12-2011

Hello Harjit

KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK!! Recently, I had approached Parasol inc., about the color coat for leather/vinyl called WB VARIKOLOR! I am a 16+ year leather/vinyl repair tech., I have been searching for YEARS FOR A COATING THAT WOULD NOT HAVE THE FAILURE ISSUES THAT I HAD BEEN EXPIERENCING!! VARIKOLOR IS THE ANSWER TO THESE ISSUES - it has excellent adhesion and flexibility properties - it sprays at low pressure through airbrush or touch-up gun AND it can even be brush applied !! If this is your first time coloring leather or vinyl or if you are an experienced technician give VARIKOLOR WATER- BORNE COATING A TRY - IT IS UNMATCHED IN IT'S VERSATILITY AND PERFORMANCE!!