RiskAnalytica Science of Applied Risk Management - Introduction

By: Pantology  09-12-2011
Keywords: decision support, Quantitative Decision Support

RiskAnalytica provides strategic and quantitative decision support to leading organizations and policy makers that:

  • Seek to make substantial improvements to the health and wealth of specific populations
  • Are not content with the status quo and want to pursue evidence-based changes that improve upon the status quo
  • Seek to make the most of scarce resources

Our decision support simulation provides the quantitative business case behind strategies that seek to improve upon the status quo and helps organizations and policy makers to allocate resources in a way that maximizes successes (reward) and minimizes failures (risk)

Stakeholders, decision makers, policy advisors use us when they want to transform their knowledge into objective, independent quantitative value propositions that create a beneficial dialogue between the different perspectives of a problem (ie. payers, providers, product suppliers, individuals, populations)

RiskAnalytica provides:

  • cutting edge demographic, logistic, economic and risk-for-reward methods that are structured to maximize returns and reveal the risks of potential investments and/or policy interventions;
  • pragmatic, thorough and conceptually sound population health policy and economic advice focused on helping public and private sector organizations make better community decisions.

The execution of RiskAnalytica’s interdisciplinary and scientifically inspired services is supported by a state-of-the-art decision support platform developed by RiskAnalytica called derived business case and performance evaluation framework is called Life at Risk®. Life at Risk® is RiskAnalytica’s flagship solutions platform that allows the defining, simulating and solving of challenges specific to the management of health policy impacts.

Keywords: decision support, Quantitative Decision Support

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RiskAnalytica Science of Applied Risk Management - EconomicAnalysis

By using a risk-based approach to cost effectiveness analysis, RiskAnalytica is able to extend its analysis beyond a simple comparison of the incremental cost to incremental effect, to understanding the wider spectrum of the risks and rewards inherent in a management decision.


RiskAnalytica Science of Applied Risk Management - RiskManagement

RiskAnalytica’s Risk Management Division provides the following types of professional services. Quantifying/qualifying risks and rewards across key business processes. Business/project valuation, strategic option analysis. Investment analysis and securities pricing. Identifying and mapping process causality.


RiskAnalytica Science of Applied Risk Management - QuantitativeAnalysis

Decision Tree Analysis - Process maps are used to reflect the conditional, joint and marginal decision dynamics that the decision maker faces, with the incorporation of inherent variability. Data Analysis - Techniques used for analyzing historical or experimental data, allowing determination of the extent that an observed result is connected and/or correlated to input values.


RiskAnalytica Science of Applied Risk Management - LifeAtRisk

Two main advantages of this process include the underlying quantitative analysis (which are based on scenario simulation methodologies) become transparent for the decision makers and managers to whom the results of analysis are mostly dedicated, and the creation of forward looking disease control management specific language.


RiskAnalytica Science of Applied Risk Management - Pandemic

RiskAnalytica employs mathematical modeling to interpret and predict the dynamics and control of infectious diseases in order to improve community health. RiskAnalytica supports public health and pharmaceutical industry professionals, policy makers, and infectious disease researchers to. Infectious Disease Modeling and Pandemic Planning Analysis. Interpret and critically-evaluate epidemiological data.