By: Pande Family Wellness Centre  07-04-2011
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Dr. Maya Pande, Chiropractor, offers orthotics as part of her chiropractic services. 

Orthotics support your arches so that your muscles and ligaments don't have to work as hard to hold the arches in place.  With regular use,  orthotics help the overworked muscles in your feet relax and the weaker muscles strengthen so that you have more effective and efficient foot function. This alleviates pain and lets you get through your day more easily.

1. - pain in the arch of the foot
2. Heel spurs- pain in the heels
3. Achilles Tendonitis-pain at the back of the foot and ankle

Keywords: Chiropractic, chiropractic care, chiropractor, Family Chiropractic, Family Wellness Centre

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