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By: Orginfo  09-12-2011


Still spending countless hours trying to put together org charts each time there is a shift in your company’s organizational structure?  Still struggling to get your employees to use your org charts, that cost countless hours and money, for their intended purpose, not paper airplanes?  Then let AutoChart , which produces intelligent org charts instantly, provide the solutions your HR team has been looking for.

Current Scenario:

  Most organizations use a PC-based program to draw org charts, which is time-consuming.  Because each slide/page can only contain so many employees, the user often receives multiple slides/pages. 

Not only is the end user not able to drill down to get detailed data but it is often difficult to understand how these separate pages all fit together, making all that effort worthless.  Furthermore, the charts are static and provide little more information then a name and title.  If a user wants a chart from the perspective of a specific manager, then it will have to be created manually.  Every time there is a change in superior/subordinate data, the org charts are out of date.  You have to re-draw and re-send the charts.

Consequently, many organizations don't bother with providing org charts to all of the employees, or sometimes not even to all of management.  It's too time-consuming and most of the time, the charts are inaccurate.


eliminates all of the above problems and more. 

us to find out how!

Which type of organization is yours?

OrgInfo provides


for various types of organizations.  These applications enable you and your members to manage and share your Organizational and HR information. 

Depending on your type of organization, the following OrgInfo applications apply:
Application Other
small medium large multi-level or
network marketing
small medium large Unions Associations
Org Charts
1       1    
HR / Employee / Member
    2       2    
Intranet     2       2    
HRIS     2       2    
  If you are with a company or government, contact us for more information on our applications. If you are with one of these types of organizations, see below for explanation of on how to use OrgInfo as an ASP (Application Service Provider) application.  Please contact us for more information.
Note 1:  Most likely, these organizations have no need for org charts
Note 2:  Most likely, these organizations already have these applications

As an ASP (Application Service Provider) service through our website, enables you to store and retrieve

info about people in your organization.  Let them keep their information up to date for you and each other.  Your organization can be your company, government, multi-level or network marketing company, union or association. Features:
  • Org Charts, on-line Member Directory and Intranet. 
  • Shows changes to any data instantaneously.
  • Every member has password access to the organization's directory.
  • Powerful Search Capabilities on 28 members fields, at 4 levels of searching.
  • Multiple access privileges
    • view & update everyone
    • view & update self
    • view only & no update
    • restricted to org charts for same department
    • restricted to only public data
    • no sign-in allowed
  • Owner of the directory (Administrator).
  • Multiple customizable fields, enabling further HRIS capabilities.
  • If required, we can install software on your internal webserver and integrate to your database.
  • E-mail distribution lists.
  • Broadcast message.
  • Export all members data in spreadsheet format which can be imported into most phone directories such as Palm Pilot or Outlook.
  • Import members data via spreadsheet format from other phone directories such as Palm or Outlook.
  • Customization of logos, titles and wallpaper.
All companies have directories of their employees.  These directories are usually
  • lacking current, up to date, non-cumbersome org charts.
  • out of date as soon as they print them due to constant changes.
  • expensive to print and distribute.
  • lacking sufficient information, such as superiors/subordinates, manager/employee, specialty, etc.
  • time consuming to search through (example:  Who is the Product Manager for product X?  Who reports to this person?  Who does this person work for?).
  • without photos, it's hard to remember what the person looks like (useful to refresh your memory of peoples' names and faces before company meetings).
  • time consuming to broadcast message. eliminates all these problems.All organizations have (hardcopy or on-line) phone books.  Quite often, members of these organizations have their own individual phone books as well.  These phone books are usually:
  • lacking org charts.
  • out of date constantly due to members moving on average of once every 5-10 years.
  • time consuming to keep personal phone book up to date and then to distribute info to other members.
  • lacking sufficient information, such as superior/subordinate or manager/employee relationships.
  • time consuming to search through (example: Who is over the age of 21? Who is a doctor or lawyer? Who works in the electronics industry? Who graduated before 1990? Who works in Washington State? Who works in Europe? Who is on contract to IBM?  What is the ratio of males to females?  Who has the phone number 111-1111?).
  • difficult to acquire and remember birthdates, join dates, termination dates, etc.
  • difficult to share documents. eliminates all these problems.

Future Features

  • Message Boards (Discussion Forums).
  • Single member record for multiple organizations.
  • On-line Chat.
  • Web-based E-mail.