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By: Optradis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Capital Cost

RFID for Toll Collection


The process of collecting tolls manually significantly slows traffic as it passes through toll plazas. Traffic must slow then come to a complete stop. Often a ticket must be exchanged and the toll determined, then the driver must pay the toll and the toll plaza operator makes change and provides a receipt. This process can often take a minute or more to complete. This results in increased transit time, frustration for drivers particularly during busy traffic times, increased fuel consumption and its associated environmental impact. There are also substantial costs incurred by the toll operator in the form of increased operational costs as toll booths must be staffed and increased real estate requirements to accommodate the number of toll gates to service vehicles. These must be sized to accommodate rush hour times and during the rest of the day often stand idle. This real estate requirement substantially increases capital cost of the toll way particularly in urban areas and can make plaza location a major routing constraint.

Solution Description

Optimum traffic flow can be realized by the adoption of a fully automated post pay toll collection system. However, such a solution raises significant concerns in China due to the challenge of post pay toll collection.

As a result a pre-paid solution is preferred. A pre-paid solution substantially increases the technological challenge in the development of a solution as it forces the need for a real-time transaction processing system. The proposed solution consists of a back-end solution located at a geographically remote Data Centre and a local real-time transaction processing system located at the toll plaza. This eliminates the need for a highly reliable high speed data network between all toll plazas and allows the application to leverage existing data communication networks.

Keywords: Capital Cost

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