Services at Chiropractic for Life

By: Optimal Health Physiotherapy  09-12-2011

Types of Care:

Relief Care

Corrective Care

Strengthening and Maintenance Care

Services at Chiropractic for Life

Chiropractic Low Force Techiques

Activator Methods:

This requires a hand held instrument that has been specifically designed to deliver a controlled light thrust.  Activator adjustments are specific and suitable for all types of patients ranging from newborns to seniors.

Network Spinal Analysis:

NSA is an exciting, new development in chiropractic associated with long-term benefits in health, emotional state and quality of life.  It is a safe, gentle and effective approach for everyone. 

Koren Specific Technique:

This is a low force specific technique that gently corrects spinal & structural systems.  It also has a protocol for cranial bone adjusting.  KST can be used standing, sitting or laying down. 

Chiropractic Low Force Techiques

Diagnostic Testing

Surface EMG:

A spinal scan helps us to detect areas of nerve interference.  It also allows us to document and monitor your results.  These tests do not hurt and do not utilize any needles, electric shock or heat.  With spinal scans, you are able to see the changes.  It will be easier to understand the amount and type of care you need to benefit long term. 

Gait Scan:

The Gait Scan is a state of the art technology which helps to assess and analyze your feet.  It helps to detect abnormal foot alignment and gait issues which could be corrected with custom made orthotics. 

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